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By tomtytom

I have a large collection of old mags Airplane and Take off.

Do we know of anywhere that would take them with interest as i would begrudge them being sent to landfill but we just dont have to space to keep them anymore.

Anyone got any good ideas?

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By kanga
Local aircraft museum or GA airfield cafe, when either or both reopen; for browsing with the bacon butty or brownie, or in a 'help yourself, take home' pile ? Will need purging from time to time (the cafe ones can get sticky :wink: ).

At JAM we do accept aviation books but not magazine donations, unless the latter are in some way 'historical'; ie archive-worthy (eg, local aviation industry staff magazines - fascinating :) ). However, our members (including me) do bring ours in both for the cafe (typically, the contemporarily published history ones like FlyPast) and for the restoration team 'crew hut' (including my pilots' ones). I also (in 'normal' times) offer mine to local Air Cadets and hospital outpatients' waiting rooms.
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By Propwash
I had a clear out a couple of years ago because I was running out of bookshelf space in my study. I had nearly 20 years worth of "Pilot" magazines in binders from the early 1980s which were taking up lots of space. Removing them from the binders and putting them into the recycling bin took a couple of days because I kept dipping into the contents and getting absorbed in some of the articles. The letters were interesting too! Many of the airfields that were featured no longer exist. :(

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By PeteSpencer
It's a funny thing, but I never go back and read old mags, but bin them at the end of the year.

Only exception was Pilot magazine from mid 1990s, which I have kept, when the late Ian Davies did an article on our arrer, featuring a very flattering picture and bio of me!.

In the early days when I was working I used to take the odd pile in for the Labour ward waiting room to take expectant dads' minds off things as an alternative to pregnancy and girly stuff while their beloveds were being bed-panned etc. However this was summarily banned as an infection risk..... :roll: