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By Foo Gee
Apologies, I did think I should have said what the car was but couldn't remember. It's a Lexus RX.
Our friend is not very technically minded and lives too far away from us for me to go up and help while we have the current lockdown.
I wish I had thought about this before and we could have picked the car up and have it here where we could have put it on trickle charge.
As an aside, I reminded my sister-in-law that she should keep running her car every so often as I had done at the beginning of lockdown. Unfortunately, she hadn't done so and her battery now won't hold charge. I wonder if it's worth buying shares in Lucas or Bosch.....
By Foo Gee
Okay, I've just spoken to her to get more detail - should have done this to start with - and there isn't a charge point on the car; being a hybrid it charges as it drives. They purposely chose it because they only have on street parking and knew they couldn't sling a cable across to it for charging.
resumably, this makes it much less of an issue from the opinions earlier?
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By stevelup
RX is a hybrid. I don't even think it's a plug-in hybrid. So treat it just like any other car - forget about the electric element

-edit- just caught up with the rest of the posts... as above!