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By johnm
Does anyone know whether these are any use? If so I have one going spare, though its battery life will have expired. If it's useless does anyone have advice on safe disposal?
By johnm
That's what it has been, but I'm reluctant to put it in small electricals at the dump and wondered if there was an approved disposal method....
Certainly worth destroying. Dont want some itinerant trying to make it work at sending out "whooping" noises on 121.5.

I think I would open and remove battery and dispose of separately, then if there is a crystal, smashing that up.

If it were a seagoing one, I think it would accidentally fall over the side of the boat ! :twisted:
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By Dave W
Provide it to a passenger.

Your own 406MHz beacon can alert the Rescue Coordination Centre for all of you, then your own 406 beacon will also deliver 121.5 for local SAR homing to you; the old beacon can deliver the same service for a pax.
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By johnm
Thanks to @Paul_Sengupta and @Dave W for the suggestion, but on the basis of earlier advice it has already been dismantled and recycled I'm afraid..... :(