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By chevvron
Saw a short clip of a narrow gauge 2-10-2T loco on the Hartz narrow gauge railway in Germany on telly the other day; I have a collection of narrow gauge (OO9/HOe scale on 9mm gauge track) model railway stuff in the attic and this re-kindled my interest.
All my stuff is about 25 years old and apart from the BEMO made stuff, isn't very well detailed so I decided to buy some modern manufactured locos and rolling stock.
E-bay didn't exist all those years ago, but looking on e-bay, I found some interesting stuff and bought a Heljan/PECO 2-6-2T Lynton and Barnstaple Railway loco plus a Lilliput made Zillertalbahn diesel loco and carriage and found the standard of finish and detailing amazingly good, probably due to modern computer assisted manufacturing techniques.
So am I, an aviation enthisiast, weird? (or just getting p1ssed off with lockdown?)
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By Bill Haddow
chevvron wrote:
So am I, an aviation enthisiast, weird? (or just getting p1ssed off with lockdown?)

PROB90 both, but don't worry, you're far from alone.

Bill H
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By kanga
I hope it will not be too disappointing for (fellow) 'weirdos and misfits' that an active prominent recruiter for such has just abruptly left his post :wink:

[and, yes, I have always liked model railways as well as model and real aircraft. At JAM, the star aircraft modellers among our display volunteers also make railway models, customising and improving the intricate detail of kits of both based on research into real examples]
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By Rob P
I can't comment.

I am a teapot

Rob P
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By johnm
Any mental port in a storm..... :D
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By PeteSpencer
Sold all my Hornby Dublo stuff (mostly well over 50 years old) a coupla years ago at a local auction house: Disappointingly poor return for those years of collecting............................. :(
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By Pete L
Still got some boxed in the loft for sentimental reasons - lost youth - but I think more likely to garden-scale if I go back to it. The flight simulator went into the loft when a real aircraft became available on a more regular basis and I content myself with 3-D modelling in software now.
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By Trent772
Can't be many tight bends on the Hartz railway then...... :mrgreen:
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By Flyin'Dutch'
@chevvron Even without admitting to your penchant for trains (big and small) we knew you were weird, but as others have already commented, you are far from alone - and you knew that too.


My layout has benefitted from the lockdown no end. My wallet less so.
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By chevvron
Trent772 wrote:Can't be many tight bends on the Hartz railway then...... :mrgreen:

True; BEMO make an HOe scale model of the 2-10-2T and there's one on ebay but I haven't even bothered with it because, if I ever resurrect my layout, the curves are only about 12 in radius and I doubt if such a long wheelbase would stay on my track.
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By JonathanB
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:My layout has benefitted from the lockdown no end. My wallet less so.

Let’s have some photos then! :)
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By cotterpot
There are indeed sharpish bends on the railway up to the Broken in the Hatz mountains. We were there in March just before Countries started locking down.

This is the view from the top :lol:

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By kanga
Back to model railway:

I have had no connexion with this place since children left home ~20 years ago, but it was very good then. A university friend (ie, of ~50 years'standing) who lives in East Anglia, and still maintains his layout, visits it whenever he visits us. Anyway, on a neighbourhood Facebook group someone has just praised the efficiency of their 'click and collect', which might suit someone reasonably local (but then, they'd probably already know about it). I don't know if they do any sort of mail order:
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