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By PeteSpencer
Bill Haddow wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:I like to lose my weight in increments of half a stone.

Decrements, surely?

Bill H

Or three-and-a-half dumps. :oops: :lol:

But I'll leave kanga to ponder the corollary of this pedantic discussion.............. :wink: if you visualise my lost weight as a large bucket of lard increasing in weight by regular increments of half a stone. :wink:

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By Pete L
My weight gain is a mean pound per year since leaving age 20. Does seem to be accelerating now. That was either some ill-advised weight training or the resultant comfort eating. :pig:
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By skydriller
johnm wrote:walking in the country, 7 miles this weekend.

The French Government says that 1km from my house and back again is sufficient... :roll: Im not saying I break the law here but I do live on the edge of our village with a forest track 100yds away... :wink:

But I have to say I miss walking on the beach - I cant justify the 15min drive if I did happen to be stopped - and I always feel as if Ive had a proper workout after walking up and down the dunes.

Regards, SD..
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By Rob P
Can I just add that I pride myself on trying to stay relatively current with 'life', but if there's one thing that I have become aware of lately it is that being an 'influencer' can be a road to riches.

I am working now on making a You-Tube video which (from my observation) I have to open by looking at the camera and asking "Wassup guys" whilst making some odd gesture with my hands. As a question for those who know better is You-Tube the right medium or should I be on Tick-Tock?

I also feel underqualified, so now is the time for me to return to further education, even though it appears 'influencers' either haven't had any or keep it pretty well concealed.

To this end I am signing up for a Masters Degree in Queer Studies. There appear to be a considerable number on offer.

The dilemma is that I also aspire to being woke, and I am uncertain if 'guys' is a term I can use, or that will have me resigning from whatever position I aspire to before even getting there.

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel (They all say that too)

Rob P
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By Pete L
Dldo Harding is apparently self-isolating because a fellow MP of her husband lost his sense of taste.

Surely one of these modern app thingummies is likely to have reported every Conservative MP for lack of taste, given their normal attire is grey suit and the odd morning coat rather than jeans hanging round the knees and a baseball cap.
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By Rob P
True dat bro

Rob P
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By ChampChump
As a female wrinkly, I can confirm that ageism can be combined with a bit of sexism too. Pensioner flies [aero]*plane becomes granny flies plane before any mention of whatever the story is really. Not being a granny helps a tiny bit, but not a lot...

What's worse is that after about fifty, any career/qualifications/experience one might have or had is rendered, too often, inadmissible evidence.

I think if one makes to it 100, all that is reversed. But does one want to?

* losing battle
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By kanga
ChampChump wrote:.. ageism can be combined with a bit of sexism too. Pensioner flies [aero]*plane becomes granny flies plane ..

Not new :( While I was at Prestwick, late '60s, an American lady in (ISTR) her 50s flew in from US (presumably from Iceland) solo in a Bonanza, before going on to somewhere on the Continent. Local (Ayr) paper reported it on front page as 'Granny flies herself across the Atlantic', although I later gathered she had no children. At that age she might well have been a WW2 WASP member :salut:

It's not as bad, however, as when Dorothy Hodgkin (married to a fellow don) won the Nobel for Chemistry. ISTR it was the Telegraph which had a headline (of small para) something like 'Oxford housewife wins prize' :evil:
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By Rob P
We all must have seen the headlines in the Ayr newspaper recently?

Local hotelier loses US Presidential Election


Rob P
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By Bill Haddow
ChampChump wrote:My puter refuses to open that link. Any alternative, svp?

Article in The Clare Echo, a local newspaper in Eire, headed:

"West Clare hotelier loses out in US Presidential election
Published on 09/11/2020 in Home/News by Páraic McMahon"

Bill H