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By Rob P
£200 if born after Sept 1940 and you are the only person in the household qualifying

£300 if born before Sept 1940... etc

Rob P
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£300 If you"re over 80 and on your own
£200 for spouse over 80 and other half is under 80 gets £100.
So any toyboys under 80 living with a mature real oldie gets £100--expect a lot of Fyler readers out there are toyboys.
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A friend just sent me film of 100 year old pilot in USA flying his aircraft.
Pretty with it at 100.
Perhaps someone more knowledgable than me could put it on thread.
By Shoestring Flyer
I hear that it is difficult for an aircraft pilot owner to get insurance in the UK once you have reached 80yrs old?..Is this really an issue or just a myth?
Shoestring--no problem so far----presumably if you pass your medical -you must be seen as ok.
My medic is very "strict"--quite a few of the youngsters (70 year olds) in my club have lost their licenses or have to fly with a safety pilot. Usual reason for losing license relates to the heart.
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By Shoestring Flyer
Thanks for the info. Great to hear that it isn't too much of a problem!
I have got a few years to go yet to reach that milestone but just wondered what the situation would be when , and if of course, I get there!
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By PeteSpencer
The new kid on the block that we're insured with has an age limit of 76:

When I told them I would reach that limit within the currency or the present insurance cycle, they said 'no problem, and we'll continue to insure you for next year'......

So: seemingly elastic limits......

I'd like to think that the time when I give up my flying will be my choice and not that of my insurance company or my AME :wink:
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By TheFarmer
I know 75 year olds who have twice the level of health of some 40 year olds.

Age is irrelevant.

One thing I’ve realised though is that the key to good health well into one’s 70’s is based around the weight one carries after around 50 years of age.

All the oldies are skinny.

[Puts down Pork Scratchings...] :D :pig: :pig: