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By rikur_
Question for those that understand whisky...
About 20 years ago, I was given an 18 year old single malt.
It got misfiled in the wine store in a house move, where it remained (unopened) until recently.
Is this likely to be ruined with age, still as good as it would have been 20 years ago, or better?
My limited understanding is that older is better - but that's aging in the barrel as opposed to the bottle presumably.
A few years ago I opened a new, sealed bottle of Glenmorangie which had migrated to the back of the cupboard over a period of about 10 years .(Gift: we never drink whisky- we're gin folks.)

It was corked .

On the other hand I still have two bottles (was three :roll: ) of vintage port from a batch my dad bought when I was in my teens(60 years ago ) for my 21st birthday .

Problem is I don’t much like port.

About 20 years ago my wife’s sister, a brash adoptive ten pound Pom, now Aussie, was visiting with her female partner .

We were both working so told them:
‘ Mi casa es su casa’ .

We got home one day to find them drinking huge mugs of ‘Port and Lemon’

Yep, you guessed............... :lol:
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rikur_ wrote:@Miscellaneous :lol: couldn't possibly expose you to the risk :lol:

Sorry, rikur, I didn't explain too well. There is absolutley no risk to me, I'm very experienced in disposing of such toxic concoctions. Years and years of practice. The fact that you managed to lose it for 20yrs, well that speaks volumes. :shock: The personal risks to you are unimaginable.

Which variety of the poison is it? :twisted:
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By Iceman
Yes, the Maule would be slow enough to not disturb the contents too much, whereas this 1958 malt was so toxic that the journey had to be very quick by TB for fear of too much exposure.

You can get an idea of the lethality of such toxic substances from the handling charge, £100 per shot :lol:.

Iceman 8)
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By Iceman
@Miscellaneous, I remember talking at length to the chap in charge of dangerous products disposal. No wonder that he said that he shuddered with fear every time that he had to handle the bottle (true story) :lol:.

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