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Just taken the back off a Benq GL2580B LCD monitor, and there are a pair of sensors(?) pointing towards each other behind the LCD panel. They are mounted via rubber mounts, giving a degree of suspension. When the rear cover is in place they both face a plastic "wall"

Would they be for detecting if the rear panel is removed, and if so cut the power?

Seems overkill, but maybe I am missing something :?


Come on then @Colonel Panic let's have it, why on earth did you take your monitor apart to look for things? Have you had an unexpected visit from mysterious Russians?
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Colonel Panic wrote:And before you ask "Why?", the answer is "I'm enjoying this Raspberry Pi malarky")

I think I may have said before, but if not, I hugely enjoy your threads on various technology conundrums you have faced and the inevitable and always helpful responses you get from Stevelup. As an IT Luddite I manage to grasp about 10% of what you are both talking about, but it has opened my eyes in several areas to what is actually possible these days, expanded my horizons, and encouraged me to dabble in a very small way into the new age. I can't tell you how satisfying it was when I managed, without help, to install and set up my own CCTV system which I accessed from the other side of the world over last winter. I am very glad that you have so much time on your hands. :wink:

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