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By Propwash
Given how much I already pay per month on Sky TV I have resisted other subscription services like Netflix, Apple TV etc even though they appear to offer some attractive films and programmes and the apps are on my lounge TV. However, largely as a result of the pandemic I have been buying much greater volumes from Amazon and decided that it justified paying for the Prime service to avoid delivery charges, which has certainly proved to be the case. Along with that comes Prime Video but I haven't really explored it until this week.

I have got used to pausing Sky films on the Q box, for example if the 'phone rings or a delivery arrives, so not missing any action, but that doesn't seem to be possible with a streaming service like Prime. Is it?

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By Flyin'Dutch'
Not sure about Prime as we don't use that but it certainly is with Netflix. Pretty sure it would be possible with Prime too.
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By Propwash
Ok thanks, FD. I will have another play round to see if I can find out how. Don't watch much TV during the summer apart from cricket and news so haven't spent too much time trying.

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By stevelup
You absolutely can pause Amazon / Netflix etc. In fact, it'll remember where you were even if you then go off and watch something else and come back to that programme days or weeks later.

What device are you using to watch it on?
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By Grelly
My wife got a "free" one year Apple TV subscription with the purchase of a MacBook Pro. We have yet to find anything free worth watching!

The "free" stuff on Amazon Prime is a lot better.

Just in case it isn't obvious, your smart TV should have Apps for things like Amazon Prime / Apple TV. Of course, your TV does need to reach t'internet (wifi or wired).
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By akg1486
The term "Streaming service" isn't really the right one for Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. A much better term is "Video on Demand", which is what it is: you watch what you want, when you want to. And you can press pause, stop and come back (a long time) later, etc.

You can share your subscription with others as well. There are different rules for different services: some count registered devices (tablets, smart-TVs, etc.) and others count concurrent sessions. Find someone with Netflix and someone who has HBO and you can get three services for the price of one. It's not even illegal.
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By PeteSpencer
You can pause Amazon prime videos as it really isn't true 'streaming'.
Quality of stuff available is pretty good,but lags behind Netflix in recency.

My telly is pretty 'dumb' but the Amazon Firestick gives it half a brain..........
And links it to Alexa for endless free music fed through ' Aux In' to my Panasonic CD/Radio. Poor man's sound bar I guess but good enough for me.

Joined 'Prime' about 5 years ago: Paid for itself dozens of times over: I've even stopped going to B & Q and Screwfix for basics during the lockdown as stuff comes next day.

Only problems were in first 12/12 after house move when new private road with manufactured non sequenced postcode which wasn't in any satnav databases, resulting in stuff getting returned 'undeliverable' All fixed now.

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