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By Miscellaneous
Mother has a new iPhone 11 and could be doing with some help sorting out some of the settings. I need access to do it remotely (ie using FaceTime to talk her through is not an option). In the past I have used LogMeIn to help on a PC. That's some years ago though.

My options are either a Mac, or an iPad at this end. Having searched I see third party products that would require her installing an App, I would rather not do that. Is there an option with IOS, or an independent propriety Apple product which will serve this purpose?

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By Sjoram
My understanding is that Apple only allow their own (enterprise) management software to do remote control. There are apps that will screenshot or screen share, but not allow remote control.

At least, last time I checked.

I use the Teamviewer Host app for free on both Windows and Android for family and the odd friend. QuickSupport for others,
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By stevelup
It's non-trivial to use though. You have to install the Quick Support app on the remote device, and then reconfigure Control Center to include the screen mirroring button. Then you have to enable screen mirroring for each support session and select Quick Support as the target app. And then, after you've done all that, you'll only be able to see the screen and not interact with it.

On balance, there's every chance that getting this set up will be more complex than the issue you're trying to help with in the first place...
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By Miscellaneous
@stevelup had a quick play whilst waiting on the chimney sweep.

Things may have changed? No re configuring necessary. Installed app on laptop, installed QuickSupport app on iPad. Entered id and mirroring happened as simply as that. :D

Bad news is, of course, it's only mirroring. :(

Whether the Teamviewer website is misleading, or whether I am failing to read it properly I don't know. It does read to me that iPads and iPhones can be controlled remotely.