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By Flyingfemme
Being a temporarily displaced person, living in a small apartment (that almost feels like home now), my music is necessarily internet based. Unless I’m driving. Ipad provides BBC Sounds, Youtube and the Capital range of Oldies Stations. The cars have differing sources, depending on age; Porsche has original Blaupunkt cassette player ( complete with electric aerial), Sunbeam has original radio (minus one knob) that can only tune into Smooth Radio and I don’t bother with the 80s, removeable frontplate, horror in the Lotus - just open a window and listen to the exhaust. In the hangar I have a lightly restored 1960 Wurlitzer but have temporarily misplaced the box of 45s that it plays.............
One day I will be able to reclaim my possessions and find my old LPs so I can wallow in the sounds of my teens, complete with scratches.
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By kanga
tomtytom wrote:I remember converting loads of cassettes to CD for my parents when cars eventually swapped a cassette player for the CD.

when we went to US in '82 and bought a new car*, we negotiated with the salesfolk to swap the 'latest thing' 8-track which had been factory fitted for an 'obsolescent' cassette player from the same manufacturer's line so that we could play the children's cassettes whhich we had brought with us from UK. By the time we came to sell in '85, 8-track was already passe! In '87 when we went to Canada, new cars again came with cassette players.

[Never used the CD players in our newish cars. We are not 'music listeners' much, using talk radio of various sorts as 'background noise'. But I am a fan of 'classic' live music (classical, church choral, operetta, ..), physically exemplified at home only on LPs, whose turntable is now relegated to 'under a bed upstairs'. I have no ear for difference between 'adequate' and 'superb' sound quality; probably my loss, but in terms of expense maybe not :wink: Daughter (now late '30s) retunes radio on the car she borrows when visiting to one of the national chain pseudo-local 'popular music' commercial radio networks; a generational thing perhaps: she did all her school exam revision with (loudish) music accompaniment :? .

*having received a useful tip that this was the quickest way to get a good US credit rating: buy a car on credit on terms allowing early full repayment at no extra charge, then pay off in full after 1 month. Similarly get a national store charge card, make 1 large credit purchase (probably needed, eg for 110v appliances), and pay that off in full after 1 month. Thereafter applications for conventional credit cards on reasonable terms are likely to go through smoothly. Of course, things may have changed in ~40 years!]
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By nickwilcock
When HM'sFC used to send me over to the USandA for various flying trips, I used to tape an hour or so of local FM music stations. Dating back to the '70s!

All now transferred to my music system HDD and some on CD too.

Great fun listening to some of the old adverts! "Ladies night at the Excalibur lounge - beer at €1 per pitcher!".

KGB-FM was a favourite and was briefly available in the UK on Internet radio until some fun detector prevented it.....
By Highland Park
Rob P wrote:
Trent772 wrote:"The thing I miss most: Long overnight drives with Alex Lester.

My word..... He is a character. Still around, I first thought he was a bizarre weird beard but over time, you realise that he filled a void, he reached out to people like me, who commuted at the dog hours of the day.

And me.

Meetings in London that went on to late evening and then others caught the tube and you drove two hours back to Shropshire (not envying the Londoners for a moment)

Alex was in the passenger seat, relaxed, chilled, unique.

I'd stop to text him. Minutes later he'd respond on air. It was a conversation. There was just him and me. Everyone else had the same experience. Then the BBC binned him to save a few pence.

Rob P

He’s back doing the overnight show on Greatest Hits Radio (DAB and possibly FM as it’s a rebranded amalgam by Bauer of local stations like KLFM and Radio Norwich etc) and Simon Mayo also does an Album Show on the same station on Sunday afternoons, in addition to his Scala show and Wittertainment on Radio Five Live.

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By Rjk983
I’m firmly in the CD generation when it comes to physical media. In the early 2000s it became clear I was soon to get an all expenses paid trip to hot sandy place so I invested in. Creative zen MP3 player and rapidly digitised my collection. That act helped keep me sane!

I upgraded to a 64gb iPod with a wheel on the front. This did me for a few years until I got my first smartphone (iPhone). Since then I have mostly listened to BBC 6Music.

At home we got sonos and I must say I’m impressed with the system. It does everything I need it to, and so far I’m still able to get kit that doesn’t have microphones built in I.e. not “smart”

I’m slowly educating my 2 young sons to the ways of early 90s indie but they are clearly developing their own tastes and now each has their own playlist that we add to every couple of days or so when they hear something new to them.

We recently went full circle when the eldest heard something on the radio he liked, I then dragged out the 2 house move crates of CDs And we listened to the album. He is now diving into the boxes regularly and trying out something new. Much the same as I did with my dad in the early 80s but back then it was vinyl and cassette we dug through. I am really glad I hung onto the cds when I put my collection onto a computer 18 years ago as I doubt we would have had the same experience trying to power up the long ago stuffed in a drawer iPod.
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