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By Miscellaneous
lobstaboy wrote:Good Lord, I've just liked a post by Misc ;)

Acknowledging I'm right is certainly a step in the right direction, Lobsta. :thumright: I'll keep at it and you never know I may even get you to acknowledge when you are wrong. :wink:

Well didn't really go to plan tonight. Had set my mind whilst out walking on Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti and cannot find it (too windy to fly, but thanks anyway to the forumite kind enough to text a pic of his aeroplane and to the one kind enough to text saying he was off on his permit flight :lol: ) Of course with SWMBO being out I have no one to ask where Physical Graffiti is. :evil: Anyway, started with some Black Sabbath (Vol 4) and have now moved on to BB King on CD. Next up will be some trad music…if I can find it! I think I'll have to turn the volume up though on account I can hear myself sing. :roll: :roll:

@rikur_ I think I met your daughter today. :shock: Out in the heather strewn wilds and thought I heard music. Dismissed it only to come over a high piece of ground to meet a couple of young lasses dressed for the gym, but heading up the hill carrying a music box of some description. Pleasant enough kids, but I go to the hills for peace and quiet. Have a word if you wouldn't mind. Not really appropriate for the below environment.:wink: :D These staycationers are causing some disruption to normal life in these parts.

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By Trent772
"The thing I miss most: Long overnight drives with Alex Lester and his truly unique style of graveyard shift radio."

My word..... He is a character. Still around, I first thought he was a bizarre weird beard but over time, you realise that he filled a void, he reached out to people like me, who commuted at the dog hours of the day.

Driving to MAN at O dark thirty to fly to some shirthole place was a chore, a thrill, a privilege, a job.

Music is fundamental to us all, if you embrace it, it takes you to places where you are happy, sorted and serene.

Use it, find a platform that you can access and use and stay chilled on your commute or during your daily drive, or during your daily, or nightly job :thumleft:
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By Rob P
Trent772 wrote:"The thing I miss most: Long overnight drives with Alex Lester.

My word..... He is a character. Still around, I first thought he was a bizarre weird beard but over time, you realise that he filled a void, he reached out to people like me, who commuted at the dog hours of the day.

And me.

Meetings in London that went on to late evening and then others caught the tube and you drove two hours back to Shropshire (not envying the Londoners for a moment)

Alex was in the passenger seat, relaxed, chilled, unique.

I'd stop to text him. Minutes later he'd respond on air. It was a conversation. There was just him and me. Everyone else had the same experience. Then the BBC binned him to save a few pence.

Rob P
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By TheFarmer
My music life is via Spotify.

I Bluetooth it to my car, my aeroplane, my tractor and Alexa.

My only deviation is Thursday nights on R2 at 2100 hrs.
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By Rob P
Bob Harris?

Not my style, but that's not the point of the R2 "specialist" sets.

For me it was Paul Jones's Blues show, but he missed out on diversity checklist. He was white, male, English, mature and knew of what he spoke. Five fails and he was out.

Rob P
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By BobD
Over the last 40 years, I have created my own playlist, initially on cassette, played on a player under the seat in the car, eventually transferred to CD's, and now converted to MP3 and stored on my phone. I Bluetooth this to the car audio system, rarely listening to the radio at home (except for Popmaster at 10:30) if I remember. If I forget, I can always rewind on the Iplayer if I remember before Noon.
If in the car, I tend to listen to Magic Soul, as my music taste is either 60's, some 60's (pre punk) or Soul (which is also my own playlist now of several hundred tracks).
If I'm working in the garage, I play repeats of Tony Blackburn's Sounds of the Sixties, which I enjoy. (Does this make me a bad person?) it used to be a ritualistic thing between 8 & 10 of a Saturday morning when presented by Brian Matthews. The BBC scuppered my routine when TB took over and they changed the time to 6AM, so thank goodness for the Iplayer..
Johnnie Walker is also worth listening to if I'm driving on a Sunday afternoon, but like advertising, only 50% is worthwhile....
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By Rob P
How I miss Brian Matthew.

Sorry but I can't listen to Tony Blackburn, I'd rather just ask Deezer to play sixties music if that was what I wanted to hear.

Odd thing, I suddenly had it on me to listen to "Granny Takes A Trip" (Purple Gang) last night, remembering I used to work with one of the writers. Deezer offered me the same title by one-hit-wonder Ralph McTell. Remembered that he and I fell out over a very attractive waitress in Cornwall back in the day. To be fair, his version is quite listenable to, in fact better than the original.

Rob P
By Bill McCarthy
My best ever listening experience was down in an empty concrete sea water inlet cavern in which I was doing an inspection. There was a CD player there which a team were using while clearing out over a few days. I pressed “play” - to hear Andrei Rieu “The Rose” . I let it play for a few moments then stopped. I shouted up top to turn the lights out. In pitch darkness, with my finger on the start button, I pressed play again and with the volume wound up. Well, I didn’t consume the music, it consumed me. The only sense available to me there was pure sound, no distractions and it was sheer bliss.
If I had the wherewithal , I’d have a bare room, with no furniture or fittings to absorb sound, play my music in darkness - rock ballads, a bit of classical and absolutely no jazz or rap !!
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By PeteSpencer
TheFarmer wrote:My music life is via Spotify.

I Bluetooth it to my car, my aeroplane, my tractor and Alexa.

My only deviation is Thursday nights on R2 at 2100 hrs.

Trouble is, the monthly cost of all these various streaming sites (not just of music) soon mounts up to daft levels.
I found out recently that I had inadvertently signed up to the paid version of FR24.
Wtf? a tenner a month just to watch CAT criss-crossing the skies? Dweeb or what? Soon binned that.

So I have drawn a line now and just go for the freebie versions and endure the adverts.....

Peter :lol:
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By GAFlyer4Fun
The only thing I really used local radio for was the traffic news during commuting. Most useful if there was any snow on the ground or some impatient idiot had done something stupid causing a collision and blocking a road for hours. Radio accessed for free using conventional FM aerial.

Didnt really like the music on the local radio station so tuned into something else (Radio 1) for that or cd in car.

The local fb group was really good for the snow disruption last winter, but that needs an internet connection which is not always available when out n about or portable device runs out of power.

I went through a brief phase of listening/downloading free podcasts from fave DJs around the world. The download was just to give the option of playback on my phone in the car. Soon stopped doing that.

Tried the YouTube Music app for a while... which can do audio/video versions and can predict what might like to be next on the playlist. Obviously needs internet connection, and free version has the adverts. The prediction algorithms were very good for me.

During lockdown I did not listen to local radio at all (dull and lowering the mood so perhaps depressing for some people) and just left it on a national radio station I find generally much more enjoyable at specific times of the day. Eventually I tried the Sounds app as it meant I did not have to listen to fave radio shows live or I could play them again. At some point the radio got unplugged to use the power socket for something else and never got plugged back in again.... as I listened through the Sounds app instead.
I went through a brief lockdown phase of seeking out karoke versions of music and attempted to sing along. Wont be giving up the day job anytime soon lol.

One thing I found surprisingly therapeutic during lockdown was YouTube streaming music to the tv. Not the usual music videos for what I listen to but videos of different beautiful/stunning locations around the world with background music that I like. A lot of it filmed by drones people have taken on holiday and far more visually interesting than the scenic views from traditional holiday programs that used to get on tv.

Driving is now engine sound or cd.

Society is evolving away from traditional free ways of consuming music to technologies needing an internet connection for everything and perhaps a variety of login/subscriptions and targeted advertising.
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By tomtytom
A large stash of MP3 from a mis-spent childhood on a few pen drives that I will swap around in the car.
Spotify is quite good though. My partner sometimes despises my wide range of music genre that i'll listen to and labels me as just bl00dy random.

One of my favourite tricks since we have been working from home is blasting this on the alexa in the house. ... g-forecast
which was a gem found on Spotify. Love a bit of radio 4 :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By Rob P
Love it to bits,

Rob P
By ChrisRowland
Radio 3 in the car, Occasionally Classic when R3 get too weird. Occasional TV music, proms etc., at home.
Have a quantity of CDs and LPs mostly inherited from my wife. Can still play LPs, not sure about CDs other than on the TV BluRay player.

What are MP3s?
By tomtytom
I remember converting loads of cassettes to CD for my parents when cars eventually swapped a cassette player for the CD.
Took quite some time to do then had to move all the CD tracks onto MP3 as cars now just come with a USB port and no disc drive.
I still have a Cassette to aux cable for when I'm out in a scout minibus as they usually sport a cassette player still.
Even convinced one of my scouts that the cassette player was a sandwich holder :D