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By Bill McCarthy
A Latvian family are now my nearest neighbours (out of London apparently) - they moved in three months ago but I haven’t seen them yet.
I let out a cottage five miles away (through an agency) and they tell me that they get constant enquiries from England, mainly, for rural property for sale in the far north. I thought it may ease up during the winter months but no.
The Scottish system is not all that good either - the sale goes to the highest bidder (but not always the case) and can be difficult to back out of.
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By AndyR
skydriller wrote:You have my sympaties @AndyR Moving house is stressfull and uncertain at the best of times.

eltonioni wrote:people are making unexpected decisions in these strange times

Actually I dont think these kind of decisions are unexpected given the state of the world right now. I myself had pretty much decided to sell up and move to a different country this year - in fact the idea was to have 2x smaller places and move north-south every 6 months - but that has been entirely knocked on the head now due to both our lockdown experience and my employment situation - also due to the lockdowns - and BREXIT isnt helping. I think probably 50% of the population in general (in Europe for sure) has had to reconsider their situation and there is an enormous ammount of uncertainty for the majority of people right now which didnt exist 9 months ago.

Regards, SD..

Except they only put their house on the market in the middle of September! Maybe they hadn’t heard of COVID at that point :roll: :D Anyway, onwards, though maybe not quite so far upwards :eye:
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By Flying_john
I do think that Auction is the answer. The seller with the Solicitor puts together a pack of information, which may include a survey, Land Charges and Title searches, draft contract etc for all to see and make their purchase decision.
Auction companies are still operating although the bidding is via computer or telephone on the day.

Completion is normally 20 working days after fall of the hammer, and you may get a bargain as a buyer and the seller has a definate sale.
By riverrock
I know that some on here have had issues with the Scottish system but it has worked well for me. The theory is contracts of sale should be complete well before the handover date, with costs to be paid if one side pulls out.

You have to produce home reports in Scotland, so surveys are done once, unless a buyer wants to pay extra for an enhanced survey. The banks are generally happy with them too. As it costs to produce the survey, sellers are more likely to genuinely want to sell.
Estate agents like the home reports as they get to charge to help produce them, then they tend to only give them out once they have all a buyer's details ( so they can advertise other properties to them).
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@AndyR not as simple as renting then. Unfortunate. :(

Although you're maybe a bit deflated at the moment, you're right that the buyer finding an alternative and being ale to move this side of Xmas is not any greater than your chances. And of course if your price is attractive, as you say, then there will be less incentive for them to withdraw from the contract. In their position I would be keeping the option to buy yours open, even if I was looking elsewhere. So all may not yet be lost with the sale of your house. :thumright:

Even if it is you may be saying with hindisight it was just as well because the new buyer paid a few thousand more for it. :wink: It seems to have sold relatively quickly, no reason to think it wouldn't do so again. :thumright:

Best of luck with the trials and tribulations of house purchase. :thumright:
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By TheFarmer
Unbelievable really.

Rich jet pilots coming on here moaning about not being able to upgrade their house, while public sector grafters are facing no pay rise this year. Especially when they’ve been working until 5:05pm, every night for years.

Beggars belief.

Shame on you Andrew, whoever you are.
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