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By johnm
I've been reading the advice, or some of it, on and it seems that we'll be operating on the basis that stuff from the EU is no different from stuff from anywhere else. So I'm assuming that we'll see the same scenario for aircraft parts from Europe for Socata and Diamond etc. as we see from the US, for Piper and Cessna etc. does anyone know if this is right??

From a personal point of view as I have a passport that is valid until 2029 I think I just need to check travel and car insurance (which I would do anyway) get international driving permits and watch out for roaming charges on my mobile.

I haven't yet found any guidance for private individuals bringing stuff back from the EU for personal consumption, has anyone else found this??

As I fly Greg on a UK issued EASA PPL I don't think anything changes there from previous discussions.
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By Dodo
Once a year I do longish european tour in a shareoplane.

I recently discovered that my expensive annual travel insurance, now lapsed, which covered light aviation, doesn't cover light aviation if that is the primary purpose of the trip.

Whilst one could argue that the primary purpose is to spend a night in one of several identical cheap hotels near airports, in reality it is the flying that is the main aim, and I imagine any competent insurance company lawyer could prove that.

With the disappearance of the EHIC card an expensive medical admission following an aircraft crash could be financially crippling. I wonder if there is an add-on to aviation insurance that would cover the costs.
By Boxkite
So, by them counting by the day, even one hour per day is more than 50%.
But it's not an activity, it's a form of transport.
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By Dodo
Boxkite wrote:So, by them counting by the day, even one hour is too much.
But it's not an activity, it's a form of transport.

I would agree but they list flying a private plane or small aircraft as a category B hazardous activity.
By johnm
I have world wide travel cover from NFU as part of our household policy and it covers flying as a pilot in an aircraft owned or hired by me. I had to ask for it but it was added without great difficulty.
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