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seanxair wrote:Are the scanned pages straight? That is the only thing that worries me from the general reviews of that model FD. Reports of skewed images and nothing will fix the problem. We will use it for work as well so need decent quality. Popped into Currys this afternoon for a sniff around and it was like a ghost store. Empty shelves everywhere.

Hmmm, I only use the flatbed scanning bit for books etc and I have never tried the ADL as I have a scansnap from fujitsu for that. Anything more than a few loose pages and I would suggest you get one of those as the accuracy and speed is a job to behold.

I can stick a sheet in tonight and report back.
Its in English, yes scanner only. Very fast.
I went "paperless" in my (home) office several years ago,, and it has been a fabulous experience. Pretty much everything from low value receipts to portfolio valuations goes through the Fujitsu ScanSnap upon arrival, and the originals destroyed a few days later when I am confident that my iMac has been backed up. Everything then gets transferred to DropBox.

Having access to everything when either on a phone call in my office, or away in a meeting with my laptop is hugely empowering.
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Looks similar to the one I suggested - what are the differences?
Same as what mine says on the tin.

Anyway - hope it is fine for you. For scanning do get a scansnap. You will be amazed
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