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By seanxair
Well I'm making plenty of use of the Help & Advice section!

Any forumites with experience or recommendations for an all in one printer/scanner/copier for home office?

Must do colour and ideally laser but inkjet on the radar too. Two growing kids doing more and more school stuff at home so output is increasing.

Need something that will actually live up to its promise of being a network/wi-fi printer unlike the Samsung we have now which has been disappointingly unreliable when connecting to anything unless cabled.

Easy set up would be appreciated too.
Can only speak of the one that's been at the side of me for 5+ years now - Canon Pixma MG5350. Inkjet but a fast one, and has only had dirt cheap 3rd party cartridges for most of that time. Does the job, costs next to nothing, quality is great for normal use.
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I too bought one from printerland a Xerox, but do your research on consumeables as a new full set of Toners for the Xerox (OEM) are more expensive than the original printer, although the originals were only 1500 pages and the new ones 2000 pages.
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seanxair wrote:Been looking at this as you typed @eltonioni

I use this outfit for ink, never a problem, next day delivery usually. ... UTF8&psc=1
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Nero wrote:

My colleagues have this one for working from home. It's had good feedback and features on top 10 lists by the usual review sites

But not an all in one printer/scanner/copier, per the original question.
Tall_Guy_In_a_PA28 wrote:But not an all in one printer/scanner/copier, per the original question.

Oops. Wrong one. See above, thanks for pointing out

And yes also be wary of the cartridge costs. This one claims to be 4.5p per mono page and 22.7p per colour page
HP Office Jet Pro 87xx series.

I've had an HP 8728 (now superseded by 8730) for about 4 years, no problems, features include double sided printing and scanning, paper handling is robust and reliable.

It has quite large desktop footprint at 500mm X 550mm, and its a bit of a heavy weight, but it just works. HP original catridges are quite pricey but give a very good page count so cost per copy works out quite reasonable.
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Be aware that cheaper colour lasers waste colour toner when printing black and white (they have an internal bin for the wasted toner) so if you are mainly printing black and white, better to get a black and white only laser, then perhaps a cheaper colour inkjet.

No recent experience with colour injects but older Epsons (where the print head is part of the printer) have all ended up with blocked print heads, which wouldn't clean meaning a new printer if not used pretty regularly. HP the print head was part of the cartridge so although cartridges were more expensive, drying up was less of an issues.
A cheap B/W laser will go on for ever though. We have a bottom of the range brother all-in-one B/W laser - it just works.
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I've got three HP Laserjet 475s. They can be plugged in to a PC or networked and the interface software is pretty good. Print/scan/copy, double sided printing and scanning, single/multipage scanning from flatbed and sheetfeed. Can feed in another size of paper or an envelope, which will be prioritised over the tray. Sets of toners aren't cheap but I've been running them for many years now and they still ain't broke or worn out.
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riverrock wrote:A cheap B/W laser will go on for ever though. We have a bottom of the range brother all-in-one B/W laser - it just works.

Yep, just bought one, less than 150 Euros.
I bought an Epson WF7710 at the end of last year: print/scan/fax/copy with ADF (only about 20 pages though) - ink jet, but hasn't been any way near as crippling to run as the HP deskjet it replaced.
Prints/scan etc envelopes and A3 too, one or two sided, from/to wifi/ethernet/USB/NFC.
Quite bulky, but less desk space than the seperate scanner and printer.
Less than a year old, so can't comment on its longevity, but very happy with it so far - about 150 quid
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