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My mother's iMac is very slow, but within Activity Monitor nothing shouts as a rogue app. What else would be causing it? Her internet speeds are generally "fine" (15-20 down?), so that ought not to be the cause. Maybe it is a lack of RAM?

    Late 2012 21" iMac, running macOS Mojave 10.14.x
    2.7GHz Core i5
    8 GB RAM / 1 TB HDD (only 79 GB used)
    Graphics 512 MB

Is it time for a new one (with more graphics & a small SSD)? Her requirements are limited (Word, Safari & email being 90% of what she does.



Quit Dropbox and see if it speeds up, assuming it's just slow when doing anything disk related.

There are some interesting features in some versions of the Dropbox software that really slow down disk access. If it does then take a look here ( to see if you have any symlinks inside the dropbox folder. Plus try and ensure it's on the latest version of Dropbox, most of them have been sorted over the last year or so, but may need newer MacOS version to be effective.

I've been caught but this 'feature' many times...
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Slow as in mucho spinning beachballs and just an extended period between clicking on something and anything happening. Click on an icon in the dock and it can take 30+ seconds to launch.

I had thought that the 21" was effectively sealed for life; not sure I really want to go down the route of unsticking glue etc.

PS In the meantime I have turned off Dropbox and see if that helps.
That's bu66ered, not slow.

Need to do some proper diagnostics. E-mail me if you want to arrange some remote help.

It's not for the faint hearted getting into those but it's far from impossible. Plenty of videos on YouTube if you want to evaluate! But I think there's something more fundamental at play here.