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eltonioni wrote:There have been a mere two C19 related deaths in our area and we have lots (lots!) of elderly people in this part of town

You've been very lucky. I've had five friends and neighbours die of this, including two good family friends, one as recent as a week ago, plus a good friend (and ex-forumite)'s mother who I also knew.

eltonioni wrote:because of another pointless lockdown.

I personally don't think saving lives is pointless, but each to their own.

I will agree with you about using a large area lockdown to not look like you're being "racist" in targeting a particularly affected area though, public health shouldn't have to worry about these things, it should be about doing what's right.
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@Colonel Panic our local's only just, reluctantly, started taking card payments so they were never going to have a booking-in solution more sophisticated than a table at the door with sanitiser, pencil and paper for people they don't know. Nobody baulked at that if asked.

I wonder if the big pubcos are taking advantage to (illegally) build mailing lists with these over the top measures? Maybe get a burner SIM card for incoming calls only in these strange times?

@Paul_Sengupta I'm pretty relaxed (if that is possible) about targeted hyper-local lockdowns. From what we're hearing the data is obviously there to do it. There's sense and then there's sensibilities. This thing is hard enough without pandering to squishy political halfassery.
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eltonioni wrote:..

..Yet it's looking like Sheffield is a gnat's chuff away from being locked down like Leicester.

We also hear today that HMG haven't published postcode level data because of pressure from council's who are worried about backlash that "communities" will look like they aren't performing very well. ...

Interesting. Mayor of Leicester has complained first that Ministers were publicly reporting spike there before LA was informed, and then that Central Government refused for an important several days to share postcode-level detail with local PH officials although these were available to PHE. ... e-53387901

[usual BBC caveat .. :roll: ]
Happily Pubcos are rare in our part of the world so gathering and keeping data is pretty localised.

I came across this little gem a few days ago

Blackburn with Darwen has started cautiously targeting ethnic communities for lock down and isolation, there's a lot of sensitivity and political correctness around race at present as we know, but there is a clear PH case to justify localised action.
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Colonel Panic wrote:I went to a pub the other day - what a fiasco. Had to "register" via text before I could even go in the door. What they failed to tell you was that the text was a premium rate item, and I have now been charged for it by o2.


Here you get a paper chit, you put your details on it, they keep them for 4 weeks and shred them after.

Out of interest, did the pub make a COVID/Cleaning surcharge? We had the a couple of times at the coast, not SOP around here though.
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:..

Here you get a paper chit, you put your details on it, they keep them for 4 weeks and shred them after....

At JAM we are asking people at the entrance to leave names of the group (eg family) or individual, and contact details of one, on a paper form (which guide does not see before it is put into a box); sanitised pens are offered! These forms will be destroyed after 21 days if no need for contact chasing has arisen; they are bundled in an envelope at the end of the day. No compulsion nor checking, of course, but no one has yet refused.
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Colonel Panic wrote:8.3p.

I can see why you're outraged.


Colonel Panic wrote:But no surcharge for cleaning.

How disappointing.

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Today I’ve been to England, Holland, Ireland and Scotland. No masks have been required and social distancing requests have been variable but not well adhered to. Most people seem pretty relaxed about everything short of hugging strangers. I don’t like restaurants with bare tables and disposable cutlery.
PeteSpencer wrote:I had my hair cut today: first time since lockdown: I looked like Wurzel Gummidge.

Same fella as for last 20+ years.

Did a house call: very civilised.

Poor bloke went freelance only last year and didn't have long enough books to get any self employed government dosh: his co-workers got £4.5K!

Peter :wink:

He's not alone .... there are plenty of us in that "unsupported" boat, not withstanding that there is no doubt we will NOT be exempted when the time comes to pay for this selective floatation device.

Heads they win .... tails I lose :(
We have an extremely vulnerable person in our house (my MiL) who requires 24/7 support, she's stage 5 Parkinsons plus other ailments) So Mrs avtur as primary carer has not been out of the house since before 23 march, in the meantime i've done all the necessary contact with the outside world.

To date I've been vigorous about hand cleaning but not worn gloves or a mask. Now we are told that masks (face coverings) are to be mandated in the shopping environment. That being the case I am happy to comply, but I must say from a practical point of view masks and glasses are a very bad mix. A couple of days ago I did our weekly shop, with me wearing a mask, it probably took and extra 30 minutes while I was making constant adjustments to my glasses and mask becasue my glasses were steaming up.

I'm going to have to look very closely at masks that don't result in steamed up glasses, the present situation is just counter productive.
My time in theatre taught me to ensure a good seal around the nose and cheek, with glasses over the top edge of the mask. Not all masks have that mouldable top edge.

Mrs Jim has run some up with pipe cleaners sewn into the top edge
. I also prefer the type that tie over my head and back of my neck. Doesn’t interfere with arms of the specs.
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