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By mikehallam
BTW. Cheap approx £5.00 "Fit-Bit" look alike synch's to ones smart 'phone, but does need charging every week. However a brilliant large lit display.
But then I'm another watch nut, wearing 4 or five at a time. The Swiss self winding mechanical device (& the Jap's too) are a mechanical engineer's marvel of tiny components.

EBay is my friend !
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By mikehallam
Octopus --'No', just 2 or 3 a side. It's just a fad but done it for many years.
My excuse ?
Ladies can adorn their necks, ears, wrists and modern misses drill holes in themselves for metallic attachments, well virtually everywhere. Men it seems of the macho leaning prefer great areas of tattoos.
So a few wrist watches that work are a tiny aberration !
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By PeteSpencer
stevelup wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:I just dial 123 for an accurate time check any time.

You know your phone, iPad etc, will always have exactly the correct time - to a fraction of a millisecond. So you could just look at the thing that's already in your pocket!

I'd always assumed there was a delay on iPad time occasioned by internet/wifi delays.

Looks like I'll be 93p per year better off from now on.

Peter :lol:
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By TheFarmer
just 2 or 3 a side. It's just a fad but done it for many years.


You must have to leave really early before departure when going on holiday. Taking those off at X-ray must be a right faff.

Do you honestly wear 6 watches at once? Honestly?