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By matthew_w100
I'm after a new wristwatch. Number one criterion is it must be ACCURATE (I'm borderline OCD on that one) which effectively means it must sync to GPS or a national time source. But I don't want to have to charge it every night, which rules out Apple watches and the like (also ruled out by, you know, good taste). I'd prefer leather strap to metal bracelet. And I'm a poor pensioner so nothing in the "you won't be the owner but the custodian for this generation" price bracket. Is there anything out there?
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By FlarePath
Not many wristwatches that aren't very accurate, but do you really need that accuracy, I assume you have a mobile phone which is as accurate as you would probably need? I wouldn't give wrist room to any watch that has more power in it than the first moon landing computer and dies after 2days without a chargeup, I have a house full of radio controlled clocks, video recorders,tv's etc, so do actually wear a clockwork windup watch that is accurate to about 2secs/day that I really am nothing more than the custodian of it for my grandson.

But I do also have a very accurate non RC watch, a Tag Chronometer that is extremely accurate and wont break the bank.
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By PeteSpencer
I've got a £70 Pulsar/(Seiko knock off) which only needs the date winding on every so often: Came with a leather strap but I prefer s steel....(Its actually titanium from two watches back (20years).

I synchronise it with the pips every three months or so: I guess I'm prolly less OCD than you...............

Can't see the need for radio-synch: You an astronaut or something?

Peter :wink:
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I wear a Garmin Vivoactive 3 for day to day use.

It's accurate as it syncs itself with GPS, I can choose any watchface I like, the charge lasts well over a week if you're not using the GPS much, there are loads of available straps and if I should break it, lose it or otherwise destroy it, it's no great shakes in the money department. It also lets me know my heart's still beating, which is reassuring.

I have a chronograph watch face and a leather strap that I bought for a few quid on that big river place.
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By johnm
I bought a "Royal" battery analogue watch for £40 It's sufficiently water proof to swim in and is accurate to a minute over many months.
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By JonathanB
I had a Casio Waveceptor for my last watch - it synced with the time signal and solar charged from the face. Not sure you can get them anymore but it was a reliable watch.

Edit: here’s an amazon link which looks similar
I’m sure you can change the strap.
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By seanxair

Have one of these for the past 20 years possibly. Don't kow why it says ladies though. In any case set with the speaking clock about once a week if it ever was a second out which was a work requirement.

Just checked it now. Not reset for maybe 2 years as rarely wear it now and has gained 6 seconds
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By matthew_w100
I'll only take "what do you need such accuracy for - a Timex is good enough for me" from anyone not driving an Audi/BMW/Jag/Range Rover/RV. Which counts most of you out. Some people like fine wine, I like a watch that hits 12 on the "b" of the long bong, every time. Not just once a month.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm particularly impressed with Paul's list - when I googled "radio-controlled" I was swamped by model aeroplanes! I need a better google.

And the Garmin and the Casio look worth a further look, especially if the batteries last.

The Breitling, even with a titanium strap, is forbidden to me. A good flying buddy was a senior technical manager for Rolex and he made me promise...
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By RichJordan
I've got a Casio Edifice thing lying around somewhere. It's radio controlled, solar panel on the face, stopwatch, date etc. Looks more expensive than it was.

Not seen it for a while, but when I come across it it's always bang on accurate (as you'd expect).

Replaced by an Apple Watch, due to my apparent lack of taste :| .
I wear one of these, doesn't lose or gain enough to notice (and I'd notice anything more than 15 seconds) between changing for summer time every six months, basically indestructible, comfortable, waterproof, basic. ... 000LCMGKY/

Cost me £55 when I bought it about February last year, I can see two retailers there selling it for £50.

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By PeteSpencer
That's rather nice G t E.

I too like an analogue watch with all (most) of the numbers showing, not just 'batons'.

Prefer the dial black though:

This thread's got me thinking.......................