For help, advice and discussion about stuff not related to aviation. Play nice: no religion, no politics and no axe grinding please.
^^^^^^^^^^ I dare say that I.B. saw their advertising -revenue plummet as a result of driving away a large number of regular visitors. I was banned without any explanation. Rude and discourteous in the extreme. Oddly, I can still log-in and use the PM system. (dare-say they tried to hoodwink advertisers into thinking the banned were still active members! I joined here after the Crellin affair, which saw several others, including highly-qualified contributors also banned/suspended. rarely visit the site now. Their loss.
I'm very happy with this forum and it's well- moderated.

I think I.B. screwed the pooch and are reaping the rewards of allowing mods on unbridled, unchecked power-trips. "how to scupper a market-leader"
Just my opinion, of course. :twisted:
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By Morten
Cessna571 wrote:debate? here?

Shut up and read the adverts.

I think that's a bit harsh.
I don't see any ads on any of my devices - lots of browsers have settings allowing you to avoid that hassle.

Cessna571 wrote:The problem is that the mods just donk the threads instead of reprimanding the people.

How do you know that's what happens?
(I don't know, I'm just asking, but I wouldn't presume.)

Cessna571 wrote:Pprune....

I don't know their business model, but I do believe it is different from Ian's and the result will be different. If it suits you more or less is a matter of personal opinion.
The fact that we (feel we) know Ian and the rest of the team almost (and sometimes actually) on a personal level (and the other forumites for that matter) gives this forum a very different feel to most other part of the web.
Again, people may or may not like that.
By riverrock
As the OP on one of the donked threads, it's frustrating. I didn't see the last posts before it was donked but what I did see was entirely civil.

What is politics as defined by the mods? What is "political"? It appears unrelated to anything in Westminster (or other parliaments) as far as I can see?
If it's any group decision, and the LAA is a members organisation, does that make anything LAA related political? What about the two aircraft that I own as part of groups. Can I talk about the"politics" of letting in new members?
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By johnm
cockney steve wrote:@johnm said
Do I know what I.B. is or was.....

"International Brands? " -You have me doubting myself, now. The outfit that Danny sold out to , anyway. :|

Means absolutely nothing to me........
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By PeteSpencer
I get regularly donked for trying to liven up what has become a tired stuffy and humourless old forum .

No explanation, my posts just vanish .

In fact I'm apparently one step off moderation, even though I've never ever posted on any threads dealing with religion, politics or other contentious stuff:

I enjoy the forum and as a source of advice it is second to none.

But I find myself agreeing with @riverrock

Oh, and once more and for the avoidance of doubt I am not @cherokeepete

Lets see how long this post lasts.

PS Love the term 'screw the pooch'- a new one to me- I must try and work it into conversation sometime.................... :roll:
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By johnm
stevelup wrote:
johnm wrote:Means absolutely nothing to me........

IB own PPRuNe

Learning all the time...... :D Thanks :thumleft:
By Cessna571
@Morten don’t know why the below quoting isn’t working quite right. Fixed it for you

Morten wrote:
Cessna571 wrote:The problem is that the mods just donk the threads instead of reprimanding the people.

How do you know that's what happens?
(I don't know, I'm just asking, but I wouldn't presume.)

Because CherokeePete has been banned from other forums because he is a troll.

I messaged the mods explaining this when he started winding people up and getting threads donked.

He always posts with his “forthright views” because he wouldn’t mind if he was banned.

Instead of taking any steps against him and telling him to calm it down, the threads get donked.

I can only believe he is either personally known to the mods or he reads lots of adverts ?

Whichever, he is more of a valued member of the Flyer Forum than you or I.

Btw, I’m a member of the Flyer Club and have been a subscriber for a while as I believe it’s fair to try and support a forum I used regularly.

I’m checking in less and less as many of us old timers are.

I don’t care about moderation or the rules etc, but when a single poster has the ability to close a whole sub forum for a while by trashing it, and everyone else is the problem, well, you do wonder what’s going on.

As you said “Some of us know Ian and other members of the Flyer team”.

You may, but ask yourself this, are you more of a friend than Cherokee Pete?

Know who he is?

Maybe all would be clear if you did.