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By ChampChump
kanga wrote:'Debbie' reappeared on The Archers this week (in monologue). The ultimate normality ? :wink:

Not until the dreary monologues are dropped!
By Bill Haddow
PeteSpencer wrote:Will Jill be next, arising Phoenix-like out of the ashes?

Peter :wink:

"(Jill-hinmph !) You must be thinking of Grace, Pete. But I'm glad we've cleared that up, things being the way they are at Brookfield. I must find out where Ambridge's floating 'spare bedroom' has got to so that I can do my monologue from it"

Bill H
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By PeteSpencer
Doh! Quite right it was Grace in the stable fire : I actually listened to that episode-two episodes in fact- as my parents were dyed-in-the-wool Archers fans and we didn't have a telly then.

Also listened to Dick Barton, special agent, Mrs Dale's Diary, Journey into Space and just about every single Goon Show which we could hear after dark in the winter months in SW France on BBC Home service -1956-7.....

Peter :roll:
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