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Can anyone recommend some budget-ish 2 way radios suitable for general use for kids/adults around the farm?

We have some little Binatone things which are a bit dated and have patchy performance.

Looking for something with a bit more range 5km (?) and easy to use. Wouldn't mind an earpiece compatable model.

Thinking of these but any advice welcome?
5km may be possible with a clear line of sight, but if there are hills and barns in the way then it probably won't work at legal power on the PMR band. Note that whichever ones you buy, they all have to adhere to the power limits, though you could get analogue or digital.

If you don't mind breaking the law, there are ways you can get higher power on the PMR band for not much money, but you're still a bit limited.


There are even versions which claim to be 18W now, with various sized batteries.

If you want to go down that route, talk to myself or Ridders.

One possible solution would be to use handheld CB radios if you can find them these days. 27MHz on 4 watts has more range and penetrating power than a 446MHz walkie-talkie.


The "proper" way of doing it would be to invest in a fully licensed business radio system where you have a repeater at home base or on high ground or on a mast to relay calls between handhelds. You're starting to get into professional systems now though.
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ChrisRowland wrote:Would getting a ham radio license and operating handheld on 144Mhz be useful? 144Mhz ham transcievers are remarkably capable and cheap.

Yes and no.

A walkie-talkie sized antenna will never be optimal for 144MHz, and from what I've found of using handhelds, the antenna efficiency on 70cm (430-440MHz) more than makes up for the path loss at the higher frequency when used as an actual walkie-talkie.

Of course, you could (all) get your ham tickets and use 430-440MHz but if you're going to do that, you may as well use the 446MHz PMR band, especially if you don't mind operating there illegally on 4-5W instead of the prescribed 0.5W. You can use the same Baofeng radios as you'd use for the ham bands (UV-5R or such like).