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By Propwash
eltonioni wrote:It’s the bus that’s dangerous, not the scooter.

That depends entirely on how these scooters are used. I will await the accident stats in due course. One thing is for sure; it won't be the bus that loses in an accident.

By avtur3
JAFO wrote:What I don't understand is why it might be legal to rent one and ride it but not to own one (and therefore be more recent and current) and ride it.

I understand the issue is about limiting performance, the top speed announced by the government for rental machines is 15.5 mph (25kmph) and rental businesses will have to stick to that performance if they wish to be licensed. From what I've seen on YT and been told by younger friends it is very easy to modify them and achieve more than double that speed.
By flyingdoug
Not keen on renting right now given the virus situation.

If privately-owned e-scooter use were legalised I would definitely buy one and use it instead of the tube section of my commute (if/when I start working in the office again). Never fancied cycling since it would require extra showering at work and at home...too much hassle.
By Bill McCarthy
Privately owned scooters would be easy pickings for the herberts who want one for the sprogs. It’s bad enough with Vespas in the far south.