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@PeteSpencer Its a bit early right now, but if you can hang on until this evening, I shall endeavour to taste various speyside and a couple of West coast malts and form a definitive opinion... purely in the name of science, and in the spirit of forum goodwill... :thumleft:

Regards, SD.. :drunken:
Propwash wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:Well, is it peaty or not?

So what is your preferred single malt tipple of choice, Peter?


Total ambivalence:

I haven’t drunk spirits apart from the occasional gin & tonic since I retired in 2005.

Prior to that it was common or garden Glenmorangie .

Much prefer a nice red .

Peter :wink:
townleyc wrote:Shame about the blended one there :shock:

Any Islay malt would be my choice



Not sure what you refer to: Last time I looked my 10 year Glenmorangie was a single malt...................

Not as posh as a million year old Highland park (anyone remember Keef's dinner in Sudbury?) but single nonetheless.

Peter :lol:
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