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Does anyone have any experience with installing &/or living with an entire photowall / wall poster / wallpaper?

Thought that I might brighten up my office with something, but not sure if I would tire of the image, or spend years focussing in on any imperfections in the image - or more likely on my wallpaper hanging skills.

The wall is 480cm x 180cm (down to the top of my furniture which goes full width and is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future). Something like might suit.

I thought about it for my new office but then realised that I'd rather fill the wallspace with photographs and other things which really meant something to me. So, that's what I'm in the process of doing. Lots of things I'd had for years and they were unframed, so I'm working on that.
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My parents has a 'Lakes and Mountains' mural (~12' x 8') of somewhere in Scandanavia on their sitting room wall for many years until it was damaged in the 2007 floods. We replaced it with this scene:

Unfortunately the website of the company we got it from seems to be broken.

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In the customer office where I've worked a lot in Slough, they have an aerial photo as wallpaper, google map image sort of thing. Of course, there are bits of furniture hiding some of it. I was sitting there one day with a colleague when he was musing about the wallpaper, thinking that it was just something generic. Although the bits you could see were mostly fields, there were some prominent roads on it. I said to him, "That's the M40, and that's where the new part up to Birmingham started. That's the bit that goes into Oxford."

My colleague was skeptical that a) I knew what I was talking about from a few bits of road and fields, and b) that I wasn't bull****ing him, and called my bluff. He said, "So if we move this filing cabinet, Oxford should be behind it?"


Of course, having laid down the challenge, we then had to move the filing cabinet out of the way, and lo and behold, there was Oxford.

My colleague was most bemused! "How on earth did you recognise that?" "I'm a pilot, it's how I look at the world."