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By Charliesixtysix
Yes, wheat. Depending on variety can be autumn or spring sown.

The uses for the harvested grain is again (largely) variety dependant - with the three general classifications being feed ( for animals), biscuit or bread making, depending on the flour type the variety makes.
You can tweak fertiliser and other inputs to enhance the quality of the harvested grain a bit, but variety choice is the main driver in deciding which market the crop will be grown for.
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By skydriller
Yes, wheat.

Winter/Spring just idicates when that variety is usually sown. Winter sown varieties are usually harvested earlier in the summer than spring ones.

Regards, SD..
By Bill McCarthy
My oats, Elyann, looks like the bushel weight will be rubbish at harvest. Before it went in the ground the seed showed that this might be the case. I’ll stick to the older varieties in future.
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By TheFarmer
What would you expect as a bushel weight, Bill? 55kg/hl?

I’ve got 200 acres of winter oats (Mascani) in the ground that I planted on contract. Some may recall I started a Crop Blog here last September, but had to end it as I was burgled as a result of people knowing from here when I was out working late.

Anyway, having not grown oats for a long time, I’m hoping to do 2.9 tonnes per acre. My storage bays are 900 tonnes each (of wheat at 72 kg/hl), so I’m hoping that the oats will fit in a bay comfortably.

900 tonnes wheat @ 72kgs/hl = 1,250 m3
580 tonnes oats @ 55 kg/hl = 1,054 m3.

Is my logic about right?
By Bill McCarthy
I only grow oats as sheep feed so quantities are not vast like yours. I work on a rotational basis - oats after a brassica ad lib winter forage. Last years oat crop was a total loss, as was most others in the county. It went down in heavy rain together with high winds. This spring it would not burn off as it was matted and chitted, therefore was mulched and ploughed in. This year I would expect around the 3 tons per acre mark, but I’ll be happy just to get it!
I sow at 1.5 cwt/acre but this year I’ve cut down on fertiliser to 1.5 cwt/acre also. I was beginning to get concerned about that as the crop colour was indicating over fertilisation still. It has quietened down now and is looking healthy. I put it down to the fertiliser equivalent of the straw which was ploughed in. I am keen to try this Bere which is grown in Orkney. They call it the 90 day crop ( from sowing to harvest). There is a surge of interest in it. Too coarse as sheep feed perhaps but worth the experiment.
By Bill McCarthy
Did you get a good thresh with the oats ?
My spring sown crop is at least three weeks away, weather permitting.
Strange sight yesterday morning - huge formations of geese heading south and about six to eight weeks early. I wonder what’s driving them south so soon. Bad omen I reckon.
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By Miscellaneous
TheFarmer wrote:Interesting.
Here’s my winter oats. Planted September 23rd. I reckon I’ll be taking them in about two weeks.

Help us non farmers out here if you would. Do winter oats take a full year to grow, or do you have some magical time travelling seeds? :?