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By kanga
Charles Hunt wrote:...

I assume Linseed = linen seed (sort of). Standing by for kanga's detailed explanation.....

Yes. Greek λίνον, Latin linum = flax, whence (in both Greek and Latin) anything made from it eg as thread or textile
(flax is Germanic, Modern German Flachs).
'linen' may have come directly to English from the Greek

But I am hopeless with botanical recognition. I can recognise one of these, which I am old-fashioned enough still to call an 'Eton Crop' :wink:
By Bill Haddow
matthew_w100 wrote:. . . crops growing in the fields, at their various stages? I walk through them on my daily exercise and I'd love to know a bit more about what I'm seeing.

Keep walking through the crops and one of those purple-faced farmers will tell what they are.

Bill H
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By matthew_w100
TheFarmer wrote:My linseed, a few weeks ago.


Have been flying up and down to the farm every couple of days recently to try and work out when to pre-harvest desiccate it. It’s ripening so unevenly.

Yes - that's the stuff! Thanks. What is it used for - linseed oil I've heard of, but I can't believe there are that many cricket bats out there.

Have downloaded Flora Incognita; we'll give that a go.

OK - is this barley? Which is what I think, though one of my Scottish mates insists it's wheat.

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By kanga
Charles Hunt wrote:
Which raises another question, What on earth are "bangs"?

Chambers, for 'bang' in hairdressing sense:

"A fringe; hair cut straight across the brow (often in plural)

(Originally an Americanism, possibly from the phrase 'bang off')"

'bang off', under meaning of 'bang' as loud noise:


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By Paul_Sengupta
Bill McCarthy wrote:Most of those crops you will not see in Scotland - oats and barley perhaps

Probably just as well. What on earth would Scotland do with all that green veg?

Charles Hunt wrote:Which raises another question, What on earth are "bangs"?

The noise the shotgun makes if you don't get off the farmer's land?
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By Charliesixtysix
@ Matthew Yes, a nice looking crop of barley. :thumleft:

@ Farmer - don't get that desiccation wrong, or miss the harvest window (as I'm sure you won't).... retted Linseed is an absolute nightmare, as my mate with 400 acres of auger wrap last year found out. It took four combines a week in late August as the final resort to rescue something from it. :roll:
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By matthew_w100
C66 - really? That's oats? It was the much more open and loose seed heads that were new to me. I guess m'lord's growing them for his horses, or the odd Scotsman he keeps round the back of the barn.

I'm pretty sure this is wheat, but is it winter wheat? And does it matter much, regarding what you can do with it?