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By cockney steve
Back in the mists of time, a friend bought a Fiesta xr3 (may have been an Escort! bought a stick-on imitation key-lock(circular chrome bezel with a black plastic insert which filled the key-slot and back. stuck to the front- wing, his car was untouched whilst others were pillaged in the same car-park.

Had a dummy CCTV camera in the chippy, Local scallys often asked if it worked. " want to tangle with Mr. Plod?....try it and find out " had 2 incidents in about 8 years. shopping-trolley smashed into one window, another broken in and several cases of pop stolen....abandoned when they realised how heavy a couple of dozen cans are.!
Signs are cheap and effective way to get crossed -off the "easy target" list. :wink:
By riverrock
When I've looked at them, I've tried to define the purpose.
If it its a deterrent, then dummy cameras are cheaper, easier to maintain and just as effective.
If it is evidence gathering then most scrotes know to cover faces and use gloves, so it isn't that useful.
If it is to deal with minor graffitti, damage, etc then the evidence is useful. Although as my employer found out, it still doesn't mean the police will get involved (lovely images of them destroying parts of the building, but no real followup, even though I understand the people could be identified).
If it is to be able to gaze at a beautiful creature in a hanger at any time - great!

For the cloud only ones - think how protected your telephone / internet cable and power supplies are.

Currently we have a professional non-video alert and monitoring system in our hanger from PID Systems. I have a non-video, mobile phone alerting, battery powered alarm at home with highly visible external siren. However if it goes off, I can watch and record our hallway using our cat feeder (which has video streaming :)
By Colonel Panic
A Transit load of sundry shyte was dumped across a small lane / bridlepath last night, completely blocking it - and access to my 90 yo mother's house. Second time in as many months. I vaguely recall when I looked a few months ago that one is not allowed / supposed to put up a camera that records people going along a right of way. But are there any force majeure exceptions that would enable us to put some form of trail camera up in a high tree?

One can go right off people at times ... :evil:
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By rikur_
Colonel Panic wrote: I vaguely recall when I looked a few months ago that one is not allowed / supposed to put up a camera that records people going along a right of way.

I don't think that is correct.
If it covers a public space, then GDPR applies - so you need to store the footage securely, notify that cameras are in use, etc, but you can do it.
There are additional restrictions on public bodies doing it, but they don't apply to private individuals.
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By Charliesixtysix
Put the camera up - you never know, you might just be the lucky one who gets a picture of that very rare thing, a truck dumping waste without the number plate covered.
I have made just one such sighting ( of a vehicle occupant nicking aluminium irrigation pipe fittings), but sadly that vehicle was ‘between owners’ and the driver was not traced.
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