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nickwilcock wrote:Earlier this month I endured a 5 hr EASA WebEx with some 76 participants of various nationalities.

Only a handful of us actually contributed anything and I almost lost the will to live!

Two days in a row, seven hours a day with only a lunch break, 200+ "participants". It should be outlawed!
Irv Lee, from a student perspective....

Personally I hate live remote training / meetings. I find it difficult to interact naturally be ause of the other distractions (technical) / delays / lack of cues.

I can happily sit and watch a lecture for up to 90 mins but, as others have said, well directed pre-reading and follow up homework would get my vote, so as to make the lecture really sink in. Harder to deliver to the 'empty room' but easier for me to assimilate. As pointed out above, live zoom is OK if you know the other participants, but a bunch of new people to cope with as well as a very artificial setting, no small talk on arrival etc.... I'd really struggle.

Having said all that .... linky to your offerings if UK please?!!
@T6Harvard Thanks for feedback, very useful, yes, UK, it's not yet on my website ( yet as I am updating course with August 2020 updates before advertising, should finish today... (but I ought to learn that always means tomorrow). It was started over ten years ago as microlight students were complaining that the normal 'tomes' are written in a way that makes assumptions about knowledge that a grass roots student might not have, so I wrote the course for them, onwards from what they would know after just a few flying lessons. As you suggest, I send out pre-reading even for the classroom version, mainly because I don't want to waste time all chanting "wun, too, tree, fower" or 'Alpha, Bravo,' etc. for hours. ( i know two forumites who would ask if I meant 'able, baker'), and they get the 'slides/notes' as handouts too.
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Further to today.... :mrgreen:

Why not consider a shorter modular style.

I am thinking along the lines of Mike Patey and his build of Scrappy.

Each element is about 20 minutes, long enough to engage, short enough to encourage.

After each element, you could do a 60 min Q and A via some platform, then post the next element the next day.

None of us are short of time so if it spread the course over a week, two weeks, who cares.

Engagement is the thing, brevity, content, anticipation of the next nugget of knowledge.

Just a thought

Go Yorkshire !!
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Thanks all. Parts 1 and 2 seemed to work well yesterday (Friday) on length of session, and rest period, (and content!), according to feedback. That was on the basis of an hour either side of a 90 minute lunch break. Parts 3 and 4 will be a hour each again but a longer afternoon gap due to prior commitments of at least one attendee, and that will be Sunday, meaning a whole day off today.
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