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By eltonioni
johnm wrote:It is a great deal better than I feared, the designers have produced an elegant representation of the Union Flag.

I'll leave others to consider which way up it might be :-)

Looks good to me - flags usually fly downwind, except on the Moon but that's a whole other discussion.

The wavy thin blue line is a nice nod to traditional RAF Transport Command colours.
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By Jim Jones
Colonel Panic wrote:What are the 6 horizontal "bars" below the registration / windows?

Formation lights?

Or top secret countermeasure slots...
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By townleyc
kanga wrote:I'm not bothered about the likely due repaint, but see nothing wrong for the UK image of a Minister or Royal arriving in a 'grey drab' aircraft.

Would have been OK for John Major :D

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By Trent772
Dave W wrote:

Two things.......

1. When you do a sharp turn on the runway, don't rip the rubber off :pale:

2. Out of maintenance, it should be a full power take off - just saying... :pirat: :mrgreen:
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By Dave W
Colonel Panic wrote:What are the 6 horizontal "bars" below the registration / windows?

Electroluminescent formation keeping strips (lights).

There are more visible on the forward fuselage above the roundel, on either side of the vertical fin and elsewhere.
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By PeteSpencer
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Smart.

I think it would look better on a VC10 though! ;-)

The VC10 engine pods would completely bugger up the effect of the union flag.

It looks 'kin gorgeous as it is:

Would grace any sandpit aerodrome apron on one of Boris's future overseas jollies.

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By PeteSpencer
Dave W wrote:

Wonder of those cranes were NOTAMed?

Peter :roll:
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By Rob P
For much of the time those cranes have belonged to Mrs P and her chums at AstraZenaca. For her they are home.

Now the project is a pretty good marker for the downwind at Cambridge (westerly). Long live the cranes (and when we all have the Covid injection...)

Rob P
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By eltonioni
Seems the UK is very late to this particular party and even now we have to triple purpose the aircraft unlike pretty much everywhere else. For comparison;

France: Boooooring
Although they do operate "four Dassault Falcon 50s, two Dassault Falcon 900s, two Dassault Falcon 7Xs and an Airbus A330-200. Additionally, the unit operates three VIP-configured Super Puma helicopters" so Vive la République”, Vive la France, Liberté, égalité, fraternité you proles! More champagne Monsieur le Président ?

Denmark; very efficient use of grey - one for architects and Saab drivers to enjoy.

Eswatini; no, me neither, but it's quite cute that they scaled up a Cessna paintjob. Presumably the Eswatinis have a lot of oil to keep that big old bus going.

Germany; more boring than France, the Hugo Boss of aeroplane design. Well what did you expect?

Luxumburg; quite like this one although it does make the tail skin look rippled

Slovakia; the winner for the chutzpah of actually having pictures of a politician as the paintjob (although he was also a pilot... and a freemason). Maybe Boris Force 2 can have Churchill on the side... or Boris. :evil:

More here: ... government
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