For help, advice and discussion about stuff not related to aviation. Play nice: no religion, no politics and no axe grinding please.
Welcome to the new Help and Advice forum. You'll probably spot that many of the posts were in Non-Aviation, and some may spot that the politically leaning threads are no more.

The Code of Conduct remains the same…

Be nice, considerate and polite.
If you can't make your point without a personal attack, obvious or otherwise, don't make it at all. Beware of sarcasm, it mostly doesn't work on the Internet. Don't write stuff that you wouldn't say out loud at a party of friends with young kids present, (if you are inconsiderate and impolite at parties, maybe avoid those too).
No party politics, no religion
We're all masters of self control (probably), but let's not test that with temptation.
No bigotry, racism or sexism
See above (Be nice, considerate and polite).

We do our very best to moderate consistently and with a light touch. The light touch thing only works if posters, where needed, self moderate before hitting send.

We hope the new Help and Advice forum will be helpful, informative and entertaining.

Life's just too short for the disproportionate amounts of hassle and stress that some of the previous posts/posters caused in Non-Aviation. Rather than the fairly drastic step of turning it off for a while, we'll place offending posters on moderation (individual posts require approval).

Thanks very much

Thanks Ian. I'm pleased to see the new title for a valuable forum.

I found the the old "Non-Aviation" forum was an extremely valued source of info. I've had many issues solved there that would have taken much longer to resolve using other means. I could easilly get any number of suggestions on the internet but by going to this forum I could at least be sure somebody was likely to know something about what I was asking. Most often they had first hand knowledge for what I needed. Occasoinally it was me that knew something and I was happy to make suggestions. I'm happy to see the same valued place is back with a new name so thanks again Ian.
(Maybe worth pointing out that you need to be in actual forum - the 'New Topic' button does not appear at the top of the 'Active Threads', 'New posts' etc. pages, nor does it appear on the Forum Home page.)