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By PeteSpencer
stevelup wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:Goat meat is bliddy hard to get: My mate is a butcher and he struggled to find some : pretty expensive too but they do make divine kebabs .
Garden smelled like a Tunisian village .up in the mountains

This place near me is good...

... I could forward some on!

many thanks:

Mebbee prudent to wait till there's a few more peeps at home here to enjoy it:
Freezers are stuffed full with more mundane lockdown nosh.

Url saved.

Peter :wink:
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By Propwash
PeteSpencer wrote:@Propwash

I'll wait till my Chinese knock-off clippers arrive from China by sampan:

It'll be down to my knees by then.

Peter :roll:

Well at least you look like a man who is content with his lot in life. The New Age Hippy style might even suit you. :lol: