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By Pete L
So far the goats are winning 5-4. Just evicted the little b****** again but too late for fence repair tonight. Roll on the crescent moon. Might even pop into Aylesbury for my own scimitar.
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Trent772 wrote:Barratt .50cal :pirat: :thumleft:

What a horrible suggestion! :o

....a .50 cal on a goat’s body mass is way over your clean kill loading.

Yes, I’m guessing there would be the cheap thrill of seeing an errant goat turned into pink mist and high velocity flying biological detritus, but...

.22LR, suppressed, with a good scope and a comfy hide to wait for the beggars to cross the line, much more humane for all parties.

....not to mention, much less chance of a .22LR “coming straight back at ye”

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By Pete L
Goats have disappeared - I think off to the Holiday Homes for Pets curry factory.

Shame - I was going to offer them on the eating out thread - a workmate was dead keen to come for a barbecue.
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By PeteSpencer
Goat meat is bliddy hard to get: My mate is a butcher and he struggled to find some : pretty expensive too but they do make divine kebabs .
Garden smelled like a Tunisian village .up in the mountains .,....

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PeteSpencer wrote:Goat meat is bliddy hard to get:


Depending where you’re from, “goat” is the phonetic past participle of “get”..

...and “git” is “get”....”hard” can be “herd”...etc

Ruffly and cheekily translated, “trying to meet up before, was bliddy hard to do...”

I’m much more a fan of goat’s milk. Keep the beastie alive, rather than Kebab It.

I figured out I have mild to moderate allergies to cow’s milk/crème etc via exclusion diet.

Goats milk - nada. I can drink bucketloads without issues, goats milk ice cream is amazing if you haven’t tried, it’s creamier. Obviously goats milk cheese...
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