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By Charliesixtysix
There is much to be said in favour of moving from traditional school holiday timings - they are largely where they are to fit with the farming and Christian religious calendars.

Farming moved on from using child slave harvest labour a while back (but I’m not qualified to offer opinion on the religion sector's’ demand for such...) :wink:

I guess a tricky bit would be persuading teachers to move away from their lengthy summers of ‘ preparing for the next academic year’ :wink:
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By Bill Haddow
There is also much to be said for reducing the school week to 4 days with a slight lengthening of the school day to achieve the same number of hours. (In Scotland 27 hours / week for secondary, 25 for primary)

It would save a fortune in heating, lighting, janitorial, cleaning, catering, water & waste-water, and transport costs. Some savings also in maintenance costs.

Bill H
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By Bill Haddow
Boxkite wrote:And would prevent many parents working a 5 day week....

How do they manage a 5 day working week during the many weeks of school holidays?

Bill H
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By Jim Jones
The 4 term year has a lot going for it. The long summer break means children lose some learning that has to be made up.
However it would need to be implemented nationally, (teachers in a school may have their own children in many different boroughs to the one they work in).

It took a lot of push to get rid of “Wakes week” in mid September round here which was when the mills closed for maintenance. Some 25 years after the last mills closed, parents liked booking cheaper off-peak holidays.

Moving to a different term pattern may take longer, especially as law makers still work to Michaelmas etc
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By kanga
kanga wrote:
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eltonioni wrote:It would be such a shame if everyone slipped back into old travel habits ..

We need .. transportation in ALL forms .....

.. but not necessarily in the same proportions as before ? :)

Obviously, people answering pollsters may misdescribe their intentions, especially virtuous ones :wink: , but this (AA :) ) poll is interesting: