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Dave W wrote:Everyone, be sensitive on this thread please.

It is a worrying time for many, and posts that can be construed to wish for harm to befall people aren't appropriate.

We have deleted some posts due to concern from some forumites. Please be understanding of the very understandable concern that people are living with. Thanks.

I am truly amazed! I started it after a combination of seeing the Joanna Lumley programme on Haiti and seeing what cruises do there, the Venice canal clearance, and someone I know just off a cruise in the past week being less than sensible. If it is being used for individuals as targets, please delete whole thread.
Dave W wrote:We have deleted some posts due to concern from some forumites.

Sorry Dave, if the sensitivity of forumites over this thread is such that it warrants mass deletion (including my post) I'm at a total loss how to assess what is acceptable.

I have had my own thoughts when moderation has been criticised in the past and shrugged my shoulders in silence and amusement. This leaves me totally bewildered. :?
The attitude where companies are happy to outsource the productive jobs as they can be done cheaper abroad. What use is a nation of HR and finance managers?

Also hoping that the NHS gets a proper shakeup and proper funding to get the staff and equipment they need. When you see the bullshit jobs that are created in government and local council to create employment, it’s quite irritating to see hospitals closing and those that are left ill equipped and undermanned.

Fingers crossed that this serves as a wake up call, although I imagine we’ll be back to this scenario a couple of weeks after the panic is over

Possibly a minor one:
SWR have cut number of trains from south coast to London but lengthened trains that run (allegedly). This could reveal a potential solution to some punctuality problems at certain times. I seem to remember when their predecessor SWT took over years ago, it didn't matter what time you turned up at Winchester for a London train as there were 4 an hour and all late so you always got on one pretty quickly but usually with seriously grumpy people already on it. They cut to 3 an hour and it wasn't perfect by any means but passengers on each train were less grumpy as not so late due to less jamming up in approach to London
Melanie Moxon wrote:It would be nice if the constant media harassment of transgender individuals stopped.

Media Harassment full stop; they are welcome to direct their attention and hold the feet of politicians a bit closer to the fire but about their political work.

Not trivia that have no bearing on their work.
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