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Have been tidying the garden and getting it ready to be a mini-allotment. Daily routine of moving the leeks outside to harden off. A lot of seeds to plant at the weekend.

Plenty of cooking - using up the NDB stock that was a bit beyond its best before date and some flour and stuff that was years beyond, but still perfectly usable.

Was bread making, but flour is in short supply while fresh sliced is easy to replenish. Saving what I can of the bread flour that's left for when it's more needed.

Volunteered for the grass cutting at the allotment - there's a lot of grass. It's a private area and no risk of being near anybody.

Being allowed access to the allotment is good - we've been able to retrieve rhubarb and also a couple of the chives plants. Rhubarb is going straight into crumble and the chives are being transplanted in anticipation of potentially stricter controls in a few weeks. More rhubarb will come back as it grows with excess going into the freezer.

Sortie to Waitrose earlier for essentials - fantastic queuing system in place and very well organised. The shoppers all respecting each others space. Well stocked for all except the things you'd expect - bread flour, cooking oil, loo rolls and pasta (although fresh pasta is there). People seem to be both sensible and prepared for the next phase.
Bill McCarthy wrote:Well, I’ve been ploughing about 40 acres over the last few days, hoping to get the Spring oats in the ground if the weather continues to hold up. Mid way through lambing too - whether you have 70 or 700 ewes, the lambing spell remains the same. New cutting deck blade bearings to fit to the mower as the grass is beginning to show some growth.

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Got our oats sown last week
Busy with fert this week
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