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Without being too nosy! If you are able to deliver medicines you should be perfectly able to go for a walk. Just being over 70 for example doesn’t preclude you from going out, you are just advised to be a bit more careful.
FF has it right, I think. If those needing help had had to wait for us lot to be activated, they'd have needed a lot more. I'm not miffed about getting no alerts. It denotes other systems are working. I hope. Walking my neighbour's doglet daily is the most I've contributed practically to society!
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I've just received an email from the RVS ceremonially dumping me from the scheme because I live in Wales. This is despite the fact that Powys is in ShropDoc, the non-profit body that organises primary care both sides of the border, and our 'local' hospital cluster comes under the Royal Shrewsbury!
My wife has had one alert - when she called the person had already had 3 earlier calls. Not quite working as well as the local stuff where she is a street 'warden' and collecting prescriptions, taking dogs for walk, plus shopping.

She hasn't mentioned battery issues - but then she wouldn't know :wink:
Eight alerts received and eight alerts rejected because I didn't have a clue what as being asked or how long it would take.

One location seems to come up most of the time but I'm not sure if that's because it's the actual location or a general area / postcode designator. The location does correspond with some flats where the local authority does put a few people with... umm... err, emotional issues. No idea if there is any correlation at all though that wouldn't be a problem if I knew what to expect.

In short, there's just too little information provided by the app for me to to drop everything. I can't see that improving so I might as well uninstall it.

Edit: it’s ten now.
Same boat regrettably.

During the peak of lockdown, not a sound from the app. A couple of alerts over the last week but without any idea what they might entail.

Was more than happy to collect prescriptions, or move equipment between sites etc, but I’m not going to accept and agree to a task without any idea what’s involved, especially now that we are over the worst of the crisis.

Disappointed by the time limits that were imposed too. I could have been far more flexible once my wife had finished work and the kids were in bed. Unfortunately the app assumed we can’t assess our own risks and blocked alerts in the evenings and overnight.

Logged off for the first time yesterday, will delete the app.
At least Volunteers were just that, volunteers.

Some retired (15 years retired and well into the high risk age group) Medical Practitioners had their Licence to Practice restored without so much as a by your leave , despite it having been effective forcibly removed years ago by virtue of age.......

Draw your own conclusions.

Peter :roll:
No Colonel, at least not to me, though I didn’t really consider it beyond the initial PR about collecting shopping, prescriptions, a quick chat, etc. The “rules” are ridiculously arris covering for the organisers, more akin to the legal blurb we all don’t read before clicking on “AGREE” when we install an app. It doesn’t seem unreasonable that unpaid volunteers should have some idea what’s expected of them before turning out Thunderbird 6.

I had another alert today while I was out running so that’s 11 out of 11 that I’ve refused.
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