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Who knows, similarly people stealing sanitisers and PPE from hospitals.

Psychopathic behaviour.
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My guess is, the similar type of scrote who verbally or physically abuses NHS staff (or even Asian looking people) for being “spreaders”.

I’d never comment on t’interweb what such lovely people should receive in terms of justice.
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Spooky wrote:Wife’s colleague was saying that their hospital was broken into a couple of nights back and vandalised.

We need a cull :evil:

Do we?

I think there is enough death right now.

Don’t get me wrong, we might not be far away from direct, life threatening situations- but how about taking a step back?

We - the ones who lived through the Cold War and worse - have a duty of care to at least lead by example.

As much is the temptation to string up some a rsewipe for a minor fault - I have my doubts it helps the long term cause.

Mob rule is what it is. If you honestly believe it’ll be on your side, then - as they say where I am right now “good luck with that”.
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