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Yeah, so there is this whole “corona” thing going on.

Apparently some chavs are fighting over 2-ply, and a few of the upper middle class are letting go their young Italian maids “just in case”.

So, what is everyone doing to be middle class “prepp’d”?

We’ve actively looked into who can take the kids to their league hockey matches for the next few weeks.

FFS, the world may be in meltdown - but at this point in the season, there is everything to play for!
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By Rob P
I'm laying in a stock of assault rifles, unfeasibly huge calibre handguns, masses of ammunition, gigantic combat knives, tactical clothing and plenty of Budweiser. I have been studying the experts.

Rob P
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By Charliesixtysix
I’ve bought some cheap diesel and am hoping the fields will dry soon enough to let me burn some of it getting a viable crop into the ground to feed the survivors next winter.
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By Cessna571
We’ve bought extra salmon for the freezer.
We’ve bought a 1kg bag of basmati rice, and some tinned soup.

We have some tinned pink salmon left over from Christmas that will get eaten at some point, this will give us the excuse to eat it in white bread sandwiches.

We’ve added some sourdough rolls to the freezer.

Other than that, business as usual.

Oh, we cooked a massive cottage pie from fresh ingredients at the weekend. We reckon it’s 3 meals.
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By TLRippon
I was down at Costco today and they’d run out of toilet paper again and liquid soap but the helpful assistant pointed out they have avoided the shortage of pasta being experienced elsewhere. I purchased a five kilo bad of spaghetti, I’m disappointed though. It really isn’t as absorbent as toilet paper.
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By Miscellaneous
Can't say there's panic here. I collected the shopping yesterday (from the Tesco van) and remarked to SWMBO 'no toilet roll'? Wasn't on offer came the reply. :lol:

Hope we don't regret that decision. :shock:
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By Genghis the Engineer
Sack of potatoes,some large bags of rice, chickpeas and lentils, bit of extra flour, 6 pack of UHT milk, about a kilo of strong cheddar. Avoiding recycling newspapers.

Had a debate with Mrs.G about how long we'd have to be locked in at home until the house was finally tidied. Answers inconclusive.

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By lobstaboy
defcribed wrote:
lobstaboy wrote:The finest wines known to humanity

Do you want them here? And do you want them now?

Good man!
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By akg1486
The Finnish activity "kalsarikännit" is now a socially responsible and acceptable alternative to meeting your mates at the pub.

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By Rob P
Genghis the Engineer wrote:, 6 pack of UHT milk

Personally I'd settle for the virus over the UHT "milk" every time

Rob P
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