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By Trent772
Leeds has the all red at night on major through routes like the A61.

Works fine until it doesn't and then I got pulled by the Peelers.

It was 0100 and I was in my black pyjamas on the way home from work so soon cleared up :pirat:
I've seen lights in small towns in France become flashing amber overnight. That would be easy to set (turning then off would mean someone deciding that every traffic light would need a street sign beside it saying give way at night).
Charles Hunt wrote:I'm so old I still forget you can look this stuff up on the internet. ... sings.html

21 Says pedestrians should not start to cross unless they have a green light. In all of my recent situations that can not have been the case.

That's the Highway code for pedestrians. You said that you were driving when you blamed the victims of your Mr Toad hooliganism*. :lol:

Try the Road Traffic Act and Highway Code Rules 170 / 198 / *194
A few years ago a major traffic light system on my way to work every day (fortunately I was crossing the main traffic flow into town) was knocked out for a couple of weeks by yobs somehow poking fireworks into the control box.

For those two weeks the traffic flowed like clockwork with no jams or back-ups up the side junction and no accidents.

Then they repaired the control box............................... :roll:
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By kanga
PeteSpencer wrote:..yanks 'turn right on red'


.. 'after coming to a complete stop'. Similarly with the '4-way stop' (permanently flashing red lights, or 'stop' signs captioned '4-way') at many junctions in US and Canada. Failure to have stopped completely at one of these before (safely) setting off again can attract a ticket, even in an empty town at midnight, and even if not on a 'public highway' but still on 'public land', such as within a military base's parking lot. On the latter, which can be huge, it has been known for Military Police to park up at night in an obscure corner with binoculars and a camera .. So the rule still impedes traffic flow (and thereby increases pollution) in ways which the commoner (in Europe) 'Give Way' signs (which mean 'carry on without stopping if there is nothing coming') do not.

And the 'right on red' does not apply in all jurisdictions: it used to apply in Ontario but not in Quebec. There was a road bridge across the Ottawa River between Ottawa (Ont) and Hull (Que) where there were lights on the Hull side, and most vehicles were turning right towards Gatineau. Many Ottawa and most visiting drivers unthinkingly turned 'right on red'; there was frequently a Provincial or Municipal Police Cruiser crew ready to pounce with a ticket :roll: I have never accepted the frequent jibe, sometimes aired here, that in UK road schemes (with penalties for infractions) are designed and intended solely or mainly as revenue generators. However, in parts of North America this is undoubtedly true.
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