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Much stress experienced by ex military personnel has a lot to do with being on your own again. I know for a fact that as a serviceman, your lives literally depend on your mates around you for survival - be it in the thick of a fight with bullets whizzing about you, or for support when the dirt hits the fan on a major technical issue.
You are trained to fight as a unit. I must say that I still vividly remember the day I left the RN on discharge routine - I thought to myself, as soon as I stepped overVictory barracks main gate threshold, I am now on my own after 23 years service. No three meals a day, no guaranteed roof over my head, no kit. It was a very strange feeling. I nearly signed on again within weeks but didn’t because of two toddler sons. Anyway, service personnel don’t see civvies as normal people.
If you could gather together all stressed ex mil people, the depression would disappear, guaranteed.
I feel for my SSBN buddies right now who have completed a 26 week patrol, dived continually, due to non availability of their relief boat. I thought it bad enough doing 4 months at sea. Just think of the stress that they must have been enduring.
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At my university freshers’ fair, I wanted (obviously!) to know about the UAS. No one would tell me about it, and everyone seemed to quickly try to steer me away from it, so I didn't get to find out at all. This was in 1988. The first actual contact I had with flying was when I saw a trial lesson advertised in the local free paper and booked one.