For help, advice and discussion about stuff not related to aviation. Play nice: no religion, no politics and no axe grinding please.
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By Sooty25
I go away on holiday for a few days and look what you lot have done! :lol:

All those months following it and I've missed all the fun. I must admit it was the only "B" forum thread I followed and did learn a bit from it, like where the word burger came from!

Oh well, what should we argue about next children? :lol:
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By jerry_atrick
I admit I dipped in and out... and didn't commit to it like others.. But, despite the obvious emotive attachements that many [edit] have [/edit], it was an extremely well behaved thread.. Many other threads of less contraversial subjects have got way out of hand.

@G-BLEW , I didn't see any posts today, and I trust your judgement. However, I tip my hat to all involved for, by and large, being civil and at least showing restraint.
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By Flying_john
What you do now Steve is choose whichever of the biased media that fits your particular views and listen/read/view them nodding warmly to yourself about how right they are, while other watch their chosen media and believe everything they are saying that suits their views.
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By Jim Jones
Maybe that’s the answer to the woes of the internet.

Have a non-political common interest, so a lot of different people join for that ( not necessarily representative). Throw in a degree of intelligence, communication skills and an understanding of the difference between debate and argument.

Voila! Flyer non-av.

I am still glad of the range of stuff people here know about.
By PaulB
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By PaulB
[Deleted as there's no point participating in this thread.]
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By rikur_
TheKentishFledgling wrote:Have to say it’s the high proportion of sarky comments like that that makes us less inclined to restore it at all.

Perhaps I'm missing some context - but must admit I see comments like that as just a bit of harmless banter.
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By Jim Jones
eltonioni wrote:@G-BLEW would you lock and leave it in the open forum please? There's a lot of useful information contained in there.

I agree. I’ve used the comments and references in other places.

Balanced of course...