For help, advice and discussion about stuff not related to aviation. Play nice: no religion, no politics and no axe grinding please.
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The tagline for the Non-Aviation Forum says:
No religion, no politics and no axe grinding please.

We said a while ago that we would allow the "Neverendum" thread to act as a repository for discussion of Brexit so long as people were respectful of each other and that it did not descend into rancour.

With the benefit of hindsight, I made the wrong decision.

The gargantuan thread may have been generally respectful, but certainly not always. It has also contributed to politics slipping into other threads in other forum areas. As a result it's gone, and I respectfully ask that anyone wishing to discuss Brexit does it elsewhere.

There's also a shorter Code of Conduct above.

Many thanks

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By rikur_
No views on the Neverendum thread, as I've ignored it completely. New CoC seems sensible.

A consideration for moderation tactics: I think it would be preferable that those that take threads off-piste into disallowed topics are muted for a few days rather than the thread being locked. We had a few threads that started within the rules and could have been good topics, locked because they were taken off-piste.
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By akg1486
I recently opened the thread about two-chamber parliaments. The topic was intended as a bit of social studies ("How do democracies work in different countries?") and not an arena for debate. So I figured it would be ok even with the "no politics" rule. If you thing differently, then I really apologize.

I browse some other forums on the net, and the tone on this one is far more respectful than in most other places. Except, perhaps, for some posts in the neverendum thread.
By treborsnave
Thanks for keeping it open for so long, all things taken into account it was one of the few places I know of (on and off t'web) where the issue could be debated with some semblance of respect and civility. Mostly :D
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By VRB_20kt
TBH I ignored the neverendum thread. I felt it served a useful purpose in diverting politics away from everything else!

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By Paul_Sengupta
VRB_20kt wrote:TBH I ignored the neverendum thread. I felt it served a useful purpose in diverting politics away from everything else!

Indeed. Me as well. But I mostly ignored it because there are only so many hours in the day....
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By Jim Jones
The neverrerrendum thread was illuminating and better than what I’ve seen elsewhere including the Parliament channel and BBC Question Time in terms of behaviour and knowledge.

But it’s your trainset.
By Bill Haddow
G-BLEW wrote:There's also a shorter Code of Conduct above.

Cannot find it, Ian.

FWIW, like @Jim Jones I found that the discussion here was a lot better than elsewhere on the net / social media, but that may well be more of a reflection on how bad those other places are.

I'll miss the thread, but of course it is your decision, which I understand and respect.

Bill H
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By Flying_john
TFI - t's gone.

I have not bothered with the forum for a few months now and I know of others, since that thread, that is now consigned to the trash, was allowed to get out of hand.

It seemed to start reasonably , but was then taken over by a few very forthright and entrenched views that trotted out the same views on almost every post.

It is entirely correct , at last, that this Referendum thread is consigned to history and we can all move back to discussing aviation particularly, and normal non aviation threads . I hope the main protagonists move off to political chat boards and forums to continue to enjoy their views with others of like minds.

Lets hope that with an election looming, that it will finally sort out this nonsense in a normal democratic way (whichever way it goes) and the whole of the UK can return to normal life.
By johnm
Robin500 wrote:How will Johnm and eltonioni fill their days, now!

Unlike most blokes I can multitask, so it didn’t take much time from other stuff. For example I’m now in the pub in Alderney discussing the work MrsJohnm and I will be doing on the cottage and garden tomorrow :D