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By ArchaicRider
Right, just to balance up the dog(s) thread, here's another for the household bosses!

First up, Pestle (and yes, I did have one called Mortar but she absconded!) - made it to 13


Next, Ace & Roar (ginger) - brothers who sadly passed within six months of each other, made it to 10


The current bosses are Red (white ears) & Magnus, brothers again, who currently boss us around with alarming regularity even though they are only 16 months old!

Image Image

By looking for these snaps I've realised that we must have 1000's (at least it feels like it) of photos of just cats, particularly the most recent two!


P.S. Sorry I don't know the codes to get the images to size properly? : :oops:
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By Rob P
Pictures about eight years apart. Electra (Tabby) and Dakota (Ginger)

Lovely cats picked up off the streets of Newmarket and they have spent their whole lives with us. Literally for Dakota who died a couple of years ago.

ImageElectra & Dakota by Rob, on Flickr

Electra's current companion is Bearcat, She's a quarter Bengal and the rest pure streetcat.

ImageKitten in a basket by Rob, on Flickr

Rob P
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By riverrock
Nala constantly keeps us in our place.
Was scared of everything when we got her as a rescue aged 5 (approx) - had never been outside.
She now regularly brings us mice, birds and bats, although as my wife screams when she does so, often will play with them in the house (feathers found) while we are asleep, then take them outside again!
She has recently been on a diet (she will eat anything we don't tidy away), and we had to ask our neighbours to stop feeding her.


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By PaulSS
These two monsters are Stilton (the male seal point) and Brie (the female chocolate point). As with all Siamese, they think they are dogs and give our poor Dalmation the run-around. As they were born on Xmas day, my wife knows them as her baby cheeses :roll:

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By Korenwolf
Above the average Tortie-ownership on here it's Charlotte (Lottie) approving the new garden seat -


and this is her sister Francesca (Frankie) just chilling -


We've had them four years now, adopted from the local animal shelter. Here they are on their first night with us -

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By PeteSpencer
This is Loki in his (actually he’s a she)youth.
Sissy his sister never keeps still long enough for a pic
Both age 16. now

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By Bob Bevan
This is Poo, our current boss, so called for her delightful habit of digging a hole in the litter, making her deposit, then running off in horror at what she has done, but without covering it up!!!

I help my wife run the local branch of the 'Cats Protection' charity. I think Ian would need to invest in a bigger server to show all the fostered kittens and cats we have hosted over the years (two spare black kittens in one of the back bedrooms as I write).


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By Rob P
Beautiful Mogg

Rob P
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By PeteSpencer
TheFarmer wrote:Some gorgeous pussies here.


I’ve had more pussies than you can shake a stick at.
Have kept me sane over the years

Currently on pussy # 14 and pussy #15