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By Flyin'Dutch'
Hopefully she doesn't need to see any dodgy dutch doctor!
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By TheKentishFledgling
Colonel Panic wrote:Have to say that I found this video very unpleasant to watch. Hopefully just a case of dehydration, but time will tell.

I felt the very same. Surprised someone didn’t step in, as she was clearly not well at all.
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By Bill McCarthy
Nah- she’s just realised that she’s forgotten to put her absorbent dunghampers on and is bursting to go!
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By Irv Lee
Remember he is/was a comedian, looks to me like he told her an English year 3 joke about 5 minutes before (Year 7 jokes have been fatal to Germans If no pre warning given)
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By PaulB
PeteSpencer wrote:Looked like a rigor from septicaemia to me.

Has she been seen in public since?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Yes the same day during a press conference where she appeared to be fine
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By Flyin'Dutch'
No that is Tess, she has T1DM.

Don't know that Merkel has Diabetes.
By ArchaicRider
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:No that is Tess, she has T1DM.

Don't know that Merkel has Diabetes.

As an aside, is knowing such personal details about those in power appropriate or required? If Merkel has Type 1, or any other condition, that's between her and her medics surely?

Of course, it's different if such conditions have been freely publicised as some do for charity or better health campaigns.

I'm with @Spooky and @Sir Morley Steven in that it was uncomfortable to see, I'm glad she's now Ok and why on earth did no-one do anything?