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Bill Haddow wrote:Piffle. Nonsense.

Bill H

Of course.

So gays were under threat of being stoned in Brunei and our reaction should be, not a peep?
Hundreds of threads of a fraction of this level of sensitivity have been locked.

Can I ask why this one is different?

Stoning gays.

All rather close to the bone?
The vitriol on social media towards the whole of the USA over this is out of all proportion when compared to that shown for similar or worse laws passed in other parts of the world. Comparing the outdated laws of one state with the Nazi atrocities is going a bit far however. It's likely that the residents of most other states outside the bible belt are even more angry about this ruling, it being within their own country.

I don't think it's any coincidence that where religion has a large following society seems to be decades or even centuries behind in terms of personal rights. These cults were developed to take away the individuals sense of self preservation and morality for the benefit of those in power so it should be no surprise.

If we ever manage to rid ourselves of religion then we can begin calling ourselves a civilised modern society.
Chris Martyr wrote:
Bill, :D I was out near Paris [Montlhery] over the weekend . You'll be gutted to know that the Frenchies are really ripping into the rebuild of that wee kirk , Notre Dame ... :D

Well I think that ND is a Reformation or so away from being a kirk ! Still, their money, spend it how they like.

Jesus had some trenchant views on grandiose church architecture. Mark 13 i-ii IIRC

Bill H