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Maybe because I grew up with a whole bunch of family who were nurses that none of them took the “nurse uniform” seriously.

Possibly that more than half of them are male (and I had female cousins who were Doctors in the mid 80s) that those gender stereotype “traps” had me scratching my head.

Still, having worked in the “hospitality” sector, a gaggle of (female) nurses on a night out is a sight to behold....
By PaulB
Dusty_B wrote:I am torn between the gender stereotyping of a “nurse”, and the effort that must be made to compete in a given style of clothing. It would be changing the goal posts to allow any nurses uniform to be worn as it may be a very significant advantage physically.
The solution is to amend the title of the current record to “Traditional Female Nurse Costume”, and create a new record for “scrubs”.

They've relented and changed their rules......

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By Jim Jones
The role of a ‘uniform’ in many walks of life is fascinating and evolving

The traditional nurses uniform has its origins in the female servant , it takes many forms, waitress, high class shop assistant, French maid. All signify obedience, subservience to the male head of household, customer etc. Doctors handmaiden was how it was first formed. It was the upper class Florence Nightingale that started the move away from this status, but the obedient female, familiar with intimate parts of the human body was seen as sexy. Scrubs are functional and hygienic. (BTW it’s nurses week this week)

Firefighter have moved away from military blue serge, shiny buttons to something more suitable to their work.

The police have moved to peaked caps, bomber jackets etc.

RAF pilots no longer fly in uniform, with the top button undone.

I’m sure there are more examples.

GA pilots retain their traditional garb however...
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By lobstaboy
Fair play to GWR - their apology is a proper apology not the equivocal weasel word laced garbage we get from most politicians and public figures...
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Bill Haddow wrote:In the South side of Glasgow during the 70s there were 3 certainties; Death, Taxation, and Vicky nurses. :D

Bill H

(PROB90 donked before dawn)

Only PROB90? If you hadn’t been donked by dawn with a Vicky nurse, you were doing something seriously wrong.... :clown:
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eltonioni wrote:
Chris Martyr wrote:
OCB wrote: If you hadn’t been donked by dawn :

What ward was she on then.... :D

It sounds like she was on most of the wardroom. :lol:

*sigh* I think Bill will concur with, more often “they” than “she”....or is that going into too much detail?

100% true story - whilst on a week long training course in Dundee in the late 80s, we ended up locking horns with a night out from the local nursing college. Very quickly the crowd got paired off, and there were a couple of spare ends...on our side it was a balding, overweight mid 50s gent who had zero clue about the finer points of such things. Fair play to the lass, she just said “ach, alright - you’ll do”.

It wasn’t the most graceful response on my part - I had cheap Heavy exploding from my nostrils as it was (and remains) one of the funniest hook-ups I’ve ever witnessed.

If anyone ever reads this and thinks I’m being “sexist” - read again. Most gaggles of female nurses I’ve met “on the lash” have been pretty clear on their objectives - and rarely fail to meet those objectives . :thumleft: