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By TheFarmer
Why can’t we delete our posts here any more?
By PaulB
I asked that a while back, but got no "official" response.


It's certainly a change as we used to be able to and think the little panel at the bottom of the page (can't see it on this "compose post" screen) still says that you can.... except that you can't.
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By TheFarmer
Oops, sorry. Can’t delete that.
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By cockney steve
As with the National-Press, I have the annoying habit of submitting without proof-reading.

When the printed gaffes appear, I hit the "edit" and delete or add to the submitted text. Of course, If deleting a complete submission's content, the blank post is still there to shame one into better behaviour.
By Chris Martyr
cockney steve wrote:As with the National-Press, I have the annoying habit of submitting without proof-reading. .

Yes but Steve , that's not quite what this is about though is it ?

Making a post with one or two grammatical errors is simply a matter of making one or two adjustments . Even I've made the odd mis-steak .

But when you've put a post on later in the evening :wink: when you are a bit 'tired' , then it is up to the poster to exercise a bit of mature judgement as to whether you press the 'submit' button or not .
You shouldn't write something on a forum that you wouldn't be prepared to say to somebody in person .

And if you are in the habit of 'annihilation by keyboard' , then don't look to the moderators for your get-out clause once it gets to the cold light of day .

Edit to add ; If you respond to a topic and subsequently find that someone else has also responded similarly , then simply edit that your post crossed with theirs . You don't need to delete it if yourself and another poster are both in agreement over something .