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One of my large customers has a system where you can praise fellow employees for work that they did (or being helpful / going beyond the call of duty etc...)

You then get prizes - but they are non monetary - vouchers, that kind of thing.

I think that's OK... But doing it with cold hard cash just seems a bit wrong.
Pah, here was me hoping it was this version of “tip”... :wink:

noun: tip; plural noun: tips
a place where rubbish is left.
"a rubbish tip"
synonyms: dump, rubbish/refuse dump, rubbish/refuse heap, rubbish/refuse tip, dumping ground, dustheap, slag heap;
midden, dunghill, dung heap;
junkyard, nuisance grounds
At the top of the gangway leading into HMS Victory there appeared a sign “Do Not Tip Naval Personnel as they are Adequately Payed” which, since it is still in commission and therefore manned by serving officers and ratings, seriously dented matelots “extras” when acting as guides.
They soon got round this - off going watch matelots quickly changed into civilian clothing and joined in with guided tours. At the end of the tour, they would nip to the front and shove a fiver into the hand of the tour leader which prompted civvies to lash out with their contributions !! Fiver retrieved afterwards of course.
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